Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 7- Coming home

Our last day at Disney World:

We woke up and packed our things.  We were able to check in our luggage--we weighed it first-- and then headed to try to play putt putt.  When you book a Disney Vacation Package they send you a pack of different vouchers to use throughout the week.  One voucher that we had been hanging on to was the putt putt vouchers.  We thought we could do that before our flight... that was an adventure.

We checked our luggage in around 9:00 and had to be back at the resort by 12:35 to catch the bus back to the airport.  We felt like that should be plenty of time to enjoy the morning putt putting and then head off.  We found out that to get to the putt putt course we had to ride the bus to Hollywood Studios and then ride a ferry boat to a certain Swan and Dolphin Resort.  It seemed a little silly as well as complicated, but we started out on the trek.

 Leaving at 9:00, we didn't actually get to the putt putt until 10:15.  We started watching the time, but felt like we could still make it work. We didn't think that everyone else would want to play putt putt too... but we were wrong.  We checked in and got a tee time for 10:52.  The course also took 45 minutes to play.  We started to weigh our options.  We could have called a cab, but still we decided that we would be so worried about missing our bus to the airport that we decided to throw in the towel.  We headed back (boat ride and then bus ride....) to our resort and used our last meal on our meal plan.  It was the right decision for us.  
We enjoyed lunch and then splurged (had another voucher) and played a game of air hockey: Pac-Man style.  It's funny, no one is at the resort at lunch time... go figure.  We made our bus with plenty of time (but not like we were sitting there bored) and started our journey home. I fell asleep and spilt my Diet Coke.... go figure. 
And yes... we wore our hats all day, on the plane and even in the car ride home! 

My parents picked us up with Paco (he got to stay with them at Doggy Summer Camp) and we made it back with all of our luggage.  What a great trip!! 

Overall, I can't thank Bryan enough for such a wonderful trip!  I have been so blessed to be called your wife for the past two years.  I look forward to many more!! Thank you for making me a Hazzard.

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