Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3 of Disney-Our Anniversary

Today (last week) is our 2nd anniversary. Our first congratulations came from Nathan!  We sure do love him! And the answer to his question is no! 

Today, we hit Epcot.  Yesterday worked so well with us getting there early that we followed the same format. :)

We started with the ride Soarin. It was a neat virtual ride that includes smells and felt like we were flying.  I think Bryan was starting to think I was taking too many pictures...
We got a fast pass for the test track ride and the did a ride called Mission space. That line was really short so we were able to ride it twice.  The first time we did the "intense" version, which included zero gravity stimulation.  The second time we did the "easy" version just to see the difference.  I liked the 2nd one better--which is weird because I like thrill rides. 
It was funny being from Houston and riding a space ride.  They had a mission control set up, but we weren't as impressed.  The space center here is cooler.  It amazed me how many other people thought it was fantastic though.

We then took a ride in the golf ball. I thought that was a really cool ride.  It took you through history. (I might not agree with some of their opinions of what happened in the past though...). It was still really neat.

On the way down, they customized the future to us.  Too funny! We didn't know this would happen and thought it was hilarious with our pictures in it!

We did the Ellen DeGenere's Energy Adventure... and I fell asleep.  Super boring.  But the 90's Ellen was super funny. 

We ate at a Moroccan restaurant.  It was so nice mid-day to sit down and relax for a few minutes.  Bryan cleaned his plate! I tried couscous and really enjoyed it.

Here are some of the countries we visited:


We visited other countries, but I didn't have time to snap any other pictures.

The coke machine stop was too cool.  I really liked the watermelon drink from China. Bryan didn't get his German soda because they were out :(

After that, the bottom fell out and we headed back to the hotel to clean up.  We had anniversary dinner reservations at the House of Blues in downtown Disney that night. 

What a great day!!!!

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