Saturday, April 22, 2017

Zoo 2017

The year Abigail was born, we started a tradition of taking a family trip to the zoo every April.  Last year when we went, we had just found out we were expecting Annalee, like the day before.  This is a tradition I hope we have the opportunity to continue every year... forever. 

Abigail was very excited and was sporting her best zoo outfit! 

This was our best attempt at a family photo... as you can tell, Abigail was very excited. 

It took a little while for Abigail to figure out how the zoo worked.  We would walk up to an exhibit and you could tell she didn't understand there were animals in them.  Until we arrived at the Orangutan exhibit... then she started to put it together. :)

She was very interested in finding the other monkeys...

She did not care to stop at the giraffes, but thought the zebras were really cool. 

Every year, I have taken a picture with Abigail at the elephants.  It almost didn't happen this year as it was at the very end of the day and the 2 year old was acting like it. But I am grateful we took the time to make it happen. :)

We also tried to get one with both girls.  This is how it went... 

Thanks Annalee...

Abigail reached the point where she would no longer ride in the wagon.  She also wouldn't let anyone else pull the wagon.  So the walk from the elephants to the exit took FOREVER!  We luckily convienced her she had to ride in the wagon at the exit... or else we still might be walking to the car. 

Do you think my babies look alike?  When Abigail was about the same age as Annalee (like within days of each other) we took her to see the zoo lights.  So even though pictures don't make it look like they enjoyed it... they really did.  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rodeo 2017

The Monday after Spring Break, we decided to take the girls to the Rodeo.  We wanted to take advantage of my maternity leave, Bryan's off day, and a less crowded day at the rodeo.  We only made it to the livestock show, but it was fun and plenty of an adventure for our little family.

The first thing we had to do was "get a nack".  So we decided to get Abigail a fried Oreo (hey, live alittle). 

Abigail really enjoyed looking at the different animals.

She also enjoyed things that didn't involve animals ;)

We took this opportunity to visit the petting zoo.  Abigail loved getting close to the animals, but was not a fan of touching them.  Luckily Daddy kept re-assuring her, and she wasn't too traumatized by the end of it. 

The entire time we were there Bryan and I kept saying we needed to take a family picture.  Well, this is the best we got, right before getting on the bus to leave.  It was hot, too far to walk back and we had a cranky 2 year old and a hungry 2 month old.  Oh well. :)  Hopefully a day to remember!

Annalee's 2nd Month

Annalee's second month was a blast with lots of snuggles and a little bit more sleep.  She started to figure out this nursing thing and we spent alot of time cuddled on the couch. :)  Big sister, Abigail, figured out her roll and became Mama's little helper! 

There were many days when getting the smallest tasks done took a great deal of effort.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

She thought she would give me a present.  I kept getting a whiff of something... 

Good thing she made up for it in cuteness!

Abigail was wanting some attention.  And yes, that is "This is Us" in the background ;) 

This was not where I left her... 

I don't remember where we were going... but I'm sure we are at least 15 minutes late. 

Another "present."  I'm not even sure how she got it that far up her stomach!

I could look at this all day long!

She is starting to figure this smiling thing out.

Not a fan of tummy time!

Abigail stole my phone when I wasn't looking.  I have about 45 of these pictures if you're interested ;)

This picture is so sweet.  Annalee sleeps most nights and naps with her hands like this.  Not only is it a "T" in American Sign Language, my mom also sleeps like this when she is really tired.  I have vivid memories from when I was little napping next to my mom on Sunday afternoons and waking up to see her still sleeping with her hands like this. 

This could have been late at night, early in the morning, or mid afternoon.  No telling!

The "taco" was taken!

Abigail is playing "chubby" with Annalee.  It is this funny little poem we will say.  We have videos of us doing it to Abigail when she was this age.  Abigail always asks if she can "do chubby" to Annalee. 

Abigail is wearing her "Daddy's little helper" jammies.  Very fitting. 

She also is a fan of donuts!

It was a blur of a month that went by too quickly!