Saturday, October 7, 2017

8th Month Pictures

So our 8 month photos might not have happened exactly on her 8th month birthday... but we did the best we could.  And hey, I'm going to post them before her 9 month birthday, so I feel like that's a win! 

Stick around for the end... the bloopers make me laugh from this month. 




"Seriously Mom, how long are you going to make me do this?"




Hey girl!


Sister wanted in on the action too.  Don't judge me... she's still in her PJs.  But I'm okay with that.  I'm THAT mom!

Too bad I didn't get them both looking at the camera... at the same time! OH well. 

This is probably the cutest of them!

Wait... you want us to both look at the camera AND smile?  1 out of 4 of those requests aint bad!



Haha!  The joke's on y'all!