Wednesday, July 10, 2013

While I was away at camp...

So when Bryan picked me up from camp, I was very excited to see him.  We were unloading the car when he told me that the house was not exactly as organized as it was when I left.  I looked at him puzzled.  He then recovered with "but I think you'll like the reason why!"

I turned the corner in our house to see this...


I had to tell myself to stay calm.  I walked into the closet though to see an almost finished floor and all of a sudden... it didn't seem so bad! Bryan had ripped out the carpet, prepped the floor and then done all of the flooring except for the last store.

 On Monday, we hit the ground running and finished it off.

Working on the quarter round... almost done!

Finished!  Caulked and everything.   :) 

Once the caulk was dry, we moved the clothes back in. We are now officially carpet free in our home!

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