Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dr. Seuss Bib and Onesie

My wonderful neighbor has a little boy turning 1and his birthday party is on the 4th of July.  The party theme is Dr. Seuss, and I can already tell that she has been working on this party for a while!  She asked me to make these for her, and I hope she likes them. :)


Happy birthday Eli!  I'll be sure to get some pictures from the party to add to these. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

3rd and final guest bedroom

So here is the 3rd and final guest bedroom from start to finish.  (I thought it might be good to combine the two -- painting and flooring-- so you don't get too bored) :)

I got started buy clearing the room.  This is what it looked like AFTER I took our all of our stuff.  I had to paint around the love sack and flooring... I would just push them out of the way when needed...

I free handed the ceiling (like I have done in most of the house) and cut in the corners.  I did end up taping the baseboards, but that didn't take too long.

I forgot to take pictures of the finished product... but you can see the color in these pictures.

We got started on the flooring--and now that it is over-- I can say it was the easiest of the three rooms to do.  The one that we thought would be the easiest (room #2) was actually the hardest.  We got started and finished the flooring in 1 day and the other rooms took 2 days....

Once we got to the closet, we got to work backwards, but Bryan did a great job!

This is at the end of the first day.  We still need the quarter round, caulk and threshold, but we sure were proud!

These are the finished product!  Quarter Round down and caulked!

I am super proud of this little piece that jests out.  I did most of the angles for the quarter round and even did some of the cutting (I hate using the saw... I know how it works... but it scares me).

Final picture!  This is probably where my craft/sewing table is going to go! :)  I guess now that means I get to set up a craft room :)  Thanks honey!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gender Reveal Baby Shower

We were invited to a baby shower that was also a gender reveal shower.  These were what I made for the shower. 


BTW... It is a Boy!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New embroidery success

Earlier in the week I bought a new feature for my embroidery skills. I was a rough start... But I think once I'm past this learning curve... I will be able to do some really cool things.

This was the start of my attempting the other day... and let's just say it didn't go so well.
After spending the mid-day with my mom for some mother/daughter time, I came home and hit the ground running again.  A friend in our small group wanted a bib for her son.  He was born in January and I didn't start making the bibs until Spring Break.... Sorry about that, Courtney.

I did think ahead to do a practice run.  I am sure that anyone who sews says to always do a practice project before you use the real material.  But honestly, who has time for that?  Why would I waste the cloth, thread and time to do a practice one... oh wait... so that you can make sure it works and not mess up your final project... go figure! I ended up having a few small problems with this design and had to go back and adjust the embroidery file... so in this case... the practice was helpful.  I reserve my right to not do practice projects in the future. :)

I followed this blog that was recommended from a friend with the steps on how to applique.  If you look closely, the design is fairly similar to hers.  It was good practice and hopefully now I can start branching out on my own... we'll see.

Sneak peak at the finished design.

Now all I had left was to put it together as a bib.  I hope Courtney likes it! :)

All Finished:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

2nd guested in flooring

So after the closest and bedroom painting was finished, we started the flooring.  We have one more room to go :)

If you follow me on Instagram, then these are the same pictures. If not... Enjoy :) 

We started about 10:00.

At the end of hour 1:

End of hour 2:

End our hour 3, and lunch time :)

Starting back up:

End of hour 4

This is where it started to get tricky! Stupid door jams!

This is the end of hour 6 and the end of day 1-- hey we got a lot done in 6 hours and were pooped!
We started with this on day 2 and it took a while :(

We had to celebrate when finished because I honestly thought we might not...

This is the end of hour 8:

End of hour 9:

After lunch we started the quarter round (P.S-- I always call in crown molding... and it irritates Bryan) 

Now all we have left to do is caulk the quarter round and finish the threshold.  :)

The pictures make it look like I didn't do a lot... but I promise I was at least a little bit helpful!  Bryan was defiantly the man-power, but I did a lot of the "other stuff"  make sure the next piece was ready to go, help measure the cuts needed, make sure the pieces went together the way they were supposed to when Bryan drove them together etc.