Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2nd day at Disney World

We awoke bright and early to hit the ground running. We grabbed our re-fill able cups and headed down to breakfast, taking our pop tarts with us :)  This was our first day to go to the parks.  I was afraid there would be a long line for the busses, but it was no big deal.

We got to Hollywood Studios at 8:10 (park set to open at 9... We were a little excited) 

This is all of the people in front of us (not very many!!) The park was AWESOME in many ways, but my first impressed moment was when they let people in at 8:40 and we got to start riding rides... Bryan's get there early plan paid off! -- I thought he was nuts! 


We took off to find the toy story mania ride (which ended up being my favorite for the day) and grabbed a fast pass.  I didn't understand the concept of a fast pass even though I had many people explain it to me many different times. When we got the fast pass, Bryan wanted to take off to the other side of the park... But we were right there... I convinced him to get in line and we had a little "moment".  He wasn't too happy with me when I snapped this picture.

This might be my favorite picture from the day.

He just barely beat me 9,800 to 9,200

Bryan told me to make sure I put the caption "poned" because that's what he said when I snapped this pic. 

We finished with toy story the first time and raced to the tower of terror.

I wanted Bryan to take a picture with the workers... But he was less motivated and thought I was crazy!

We hopped on rock'n rollout coaster next and that was a blast too!  Bryan blamed the photographer for this picture... And she was weird... So I didn't ask to take another. :)

We went back to the toy story mania after that with our fast pass.  We literally walked up and didn't have a wait... Awesome!!! 

We did rock'n roller coaster one more time with a few others thrown in there. This was the great movie ride... Kinda weird...

The stunt show was pretty cool as well. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. 

This was my attempt to get a cute pic of Bryan with his strawberry cupcake... After 3... I gave up.

It started raining shortly after lunch... So we didn't get to go through the "honey I shrunk the kids!" Area.  I remember this from when I went in first grade and wanted to play... Maybe next time 

This was right before the Star Wars tour ride. At the end I said something I don't think Bryan will ever let me live down...   "I don't know who that Otto guys was... But he sure was helpful."  Bryan's response... "Alissa, that was R2D2".

We enjoyed the beauty and the beast musical while it was still raining.

And the did the back lot tour.

We started to wine down the day by going to the captain Jack Sparrow's thing. LAME!! Don't waste your time. That literally was the longest line we waited for and it was just walking into a room and watching Johnny deep on the screen.  LAME!  It was the 2nd longest wait we had for anything... and super disappointing... That's just our opinion.

Our last thing before dinner was the little mermaid and I LOVED it!  Super cute and well done with black lights and 4-d effects. I tried to get a picture of the show... But it didn't work.

We finished off the evening with dinner at this Italian place. Delicious!

I would say a fantastic first day inside the park. We really like Hollywood studios. :)

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