House Projects

In October of 2012, Bryan and I bought our first house.  We have enjoyed turning it into our home.  Here are some of the projects we have done.  Click on the pictures to go to that link. :)

Painting the Nursery:

Little things:

Leaky Sink:

Last flooring project:

Guest Bedroom # 3 start to finish:

Flooring Bedroom # 2:

Painting Guest Bedroom # 2:

Guest Bedroom # 2 Closet: 

TV Stand up grade:

Desk Make Over:

Door Handles and Locks:

Adding an access to our attic:

Our Guest Bedroom:

Priming and painting the guest bedroom and hallway:

Putting in Flooring:

Painting the Interior:

Oven Cleaning:

Moving into a Dirty House--How we cleaned:

Beginning Stages of the House 2:

Beginning Stages of the House:

The Hazzard's get a Home:

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