Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Dress from a Pattern

So at the end of last summer I found patterns on sale for a $1 and even though I don't know much... I knew this was a big deal.  I bought 10 patterns and saved a TON of $$.

I decided it was time to try to use a pattern with the material I had already picked up and before school let out I started working on this dress.  I was hoping to wear it to graduation, but that didn't happen.  :)

I got started and thought I was doing everything correctly.  I washed and ironed the fabric, cut out the pattern, pinned the pattern to the material, cut out the pattern (remembering to leave the little knotches there) and then started piecing together the dress.  The front of the skirt took shape with pockets and everything.  The bodice was coming along nicely.  Then all of a sudden it wanted me to piece together the entire dress and sew it together the WRONG WAY so that I could "make adjustments as needed" and then seem rip the entire dress to sew it back together correctly.  NO WAY JOSE!  Ain't no body got time for that!

I got a little creative and just pinned the dress together to save time (and my sanity!)  When I had it all put together I was afraid it looked a little bit like a moo-moo dress.  :(

I carefully wiggled my way into the dress to see that it actually looked kind of cute. 

I was able to take in the waist for a better fit.  But I had no idea it would effect the sleeves as much as it did.  After a good bit, I was able to readjust the sleeves to fit as well.

This is what happens when Paco tries to help... my patterns end up needing tape!

Here's the dress needing the zipper and bottom hem.  For some reason, the dress stayed like this for a while before I could finish it.  I'm not too sure why.

All done and ready for church!


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