Monday, July 22, 2013

1st day of our Disney Trip

We got to the airport in plenty of time to re-adjust our luggage and struggle through security. We didn't weigh our bags before going to the airport... Next time we will weigh them!  Bryan's bag was over weight.... not mine!  I'm kinda proud of that.  We shuffled things from one bag to another and made it work.

We made it through security though, and got nice  and comfortable.  The person on the window seat had already turned on his music and closed his eyes, so it was almost like he wasn't even there. :). The plane ride was bumpy... But it sure beat a 14 hour car ride!

This was the first Mickey we found :)

We were a little confused in the airport, but once we got on the Disney magical express... It was great. Super easy transportation. :)

We got all checked in to the All-Star Sport resort and were super excited to get a room with a king bed (the 1300 room resort only has 96 king bed rooms... I mean we were excited people!). Helen checked us in and got everything set up for us.  But when we got to the room... The key didn't work. We ended up back at the front desk and got "grumpy Gus" as our helper... He sent us back to the room with our keys and sent a "key assistant" to help us open the door.  Bryan paced the hallway while we waited...

An hour later  I stayed at the room just in case the "key assist" came and Bryan went down to the desk.  While he was down there, "Grumpy Gus" offered to move us to a different room with a king bed but on the first floor.  Bryan declined that offer and requested that we stayed in the 3rd floor room.  He called me and I joined him back at the front desk.  When he told me this I was slightly confused and asked "why not?"  He told me it was because I wouldn't like being on the 1st floor for security reasons, which is true.  He knows me so well, sometimes even better than myself. (I am afraid of the dark--not being in a dark room, but being outside in the dark and not having control over what could happen to me...) We ended up having to check our backpack at the front desk and we headed to downtown Disney. (We ended up getting a $40 credit because of issue, so it all worked out.)

We ate at a restaurant called Bongo's. It was Cuban food and very yummy.  Bryan and I both thought that our meal plan didn't start until Monday, so we ended up getting 2 extra meals later on in the week because we paid for this meal... our bad.

We walked around and got a lot of our shopping done.  It was really cool, you can buy something at Downtown Disney and have it delivered to your room.  We purchased a good bit and didn't have to tote it around... Very nice!

When we finally got to our room, the d├ęcor was fun. But our fridge didn't work... and Bryan was so excited to have a fridge to keep the water we brought cold.  He ended up making a poor man's ice chest every night in the sink to get our waters cool for the next day.  Kind of silly, but it worked really well.

Over all, a really fun day.  I really liked the fact that we didn't have tickets to a park for today, so we weren't rushing around panicking to get in.  We were able to enjoy getting settled in and weren't so mad when problems broke out!

I am really excited about tomorrow... Hopefully I'll sleep tonight ;) 

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