Thursday, January 12, 2017

Salsa's Pregnancy

In case you're wondering, I'm terrible at being pregnant... like really bad at it. I make adorable babies, but the hormones and I don't play nicely together.

We found out the Tuesday before Mothers Day this past year that we were expecting.  This came a little earlier than we thought/were planning.  Last time with Chips, we were planning to try in January and late January I was telling Bryan... this time we were planning to try in June.  (Hey, I'm a teacher, gotta plan for the right intervals.) :)  So we were planning for June and I was telling him in April. Whoops. 

I woke up that morning and took a test. I expected it to be negative and when it came up positive I just kinda stared at it. Bryan walked in the bathroom a few minutes later and I literally said "I have something to show you." I didn't have anything ornate planned (which is kind of unlike me) and I didn't even have the right words, I just showed it to him.

I'll never forget his response as long as I live. I was somewhat worried he wouldn't respond well (which is crazy if you actually know him) because of our "plan". He looked at me with his big adorable smile and said "alright then! I'm gonna be a dad, again!" Then we both got ready for the day. I'm not sure which one was more in shock... it might have been me.

Later that week on Saturday we met my family for a Mother's Day celebration, (what convenient timing). I had gotten this little red onesie during the week and embroidered a bowl of Chips and Salsa on it that said "Hi! My name is Salsa!"

It was perfect and adorable if I do say so myself!  I'll never forget being excited to give it to my mom. :) We were waiting at the restaurant for a table when my sister said, "Let's open gifts!" Mom, Dad, Erin, Cindy, Bryan, Abigail and myself were all there... sure why not!! :) It was a hit!! 

Then the next day on Sunday, we went down to TC to celebrate Mothers Day as well. Bryan wrote a goofy/the sweetest poem to tell his mom/family. We framed it and had her open it. As the story goes, my father-in-law was in the kitchen trying to get everything set up before the entire family got there (we weren't quite ready to tell grandparents yet).  He missed the reading of the poem and was clueless for about 30 minutes or so before we pulled him aside and had him read the poem. :) 

Being a grandmother – it’s the best job around
Spoiling the grandkids, making sure they don’t frown
You’re the cream of the crop for Pipsqueak and Sweet pea
Even taking care of their parents, we are blessed beyond degree.

Now we all know April showers bring May flowers,
But what makes hanky-panky during a storm legendary?

When it results in Grand baby #3 in January!

At week 5, I started to feel bad. Shocker, I know. By week 8 I was getting sick regularly. I am grateful that I felt well (relatively--I didn't puke at school) in the mornings/early afternoons. By about week 10, I had those maternity clothes pulled out! Seriously, those things are the best. 

The doc put me on a medicine that was helpful in me feeling better longer in the day.  However, once I started feeling worse... I was done. The same, maybe even more, triggers would have me running to the bathroom. Bryan was pretty much outlawed from cooking anything that require the stove/oven or microwave. So we pretty much ate out for the past 9 months. The smell of metal warming up is the worst smell that exists on this earth. Trust me! 

Weeks 14-18 I had a weird relief and burst of energy. I only got sick once a weekish.  I think that's why I never really posted belly pictures. I never felt well enough to take them. 

Around week 18 we celebrated our 5th anniversary in DC. That was one packed week! I felt well durning the days and Bryan showed me tons of grace and mercy when I would puke in the bushes at night. He was always prepared with multiple snack and drink options and was the most thoughtful. We had a great time, and I only looked like the drunk wife a couple of times late at night ;) (I promise I wasn't).

Right before going back to school we learned if Salsa was a boy or girl.  We had a small reveal party to immediate family before announcing it to the world. :) 

This past semester flew by.  There were lots of evenings with my feet up and nothing accomplished at the house. Abigail didn't seem to mind, as she got to watch a lot more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and ate a ton of French Fries (we are going to eat healthy again one day Abigail, get ready!) 

I didn't really have any cravings, just the standard aversions to everything! I will say though, I ate more oranges during this pregnancy than I have in my life, probably 3-4 a week. And let's just say that isn't normal.  Around 30 weeks I would sometime eat 2 in one day just cause. I also ate a good bit of guacamole from HEB because I had tons of leg cramps.

That was something different then my first pregnancy. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp in my calf and I couldn't move/fix it myself. So I'm very calmly (just kidding) would wake up Bryan and scare him half to death to pull my toes toward my knees.  Except that he's dead asleep and blind as a bat and couldn't see my leg that I would throw over his way to help me. Eventually he would help me release the pressure/stretch it out and we would go back to sleep. Then next day he would make sure I had something to eat with a lot of potassium to try to avoid this night fiasco again. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. Haha! 

The Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks hit at just the right time so that I could keep my feet up and keep the swelling down. If you remember, I had HELPP syndrome with Abigail and it all started with the swelling around 35 weeks. In my head, we would deliver at 38 weeks because that's when Abigail was delivered. Why in the world would anyone be pregnant longer that that?? 

Thanksgiving fell at 35 weeks, and our time with family allowed me to basically be a bump on a log. At the 36 week check up I was nervous to see my blood pressure, this was kinda the beginning of the end with Abigail, but low and behold... perfectly healthy blood pressure. :) The doc also ran labs for us to see my liver function to compare it to later. With HELPP the first time, I was told I had a 20% chance of getting it again.  I tried to focus on the 80% chance of not having it, but that sure was hard. 

I made it to Christmas break like 37 weeks and didn't expect to go back to school. I was done, everything was ready for the sub! I kept my feet from swelling by laying around all day during the Christmas break except when we needed to go somewhere like a Christmas party or church. Abigail and I played in the den by her bringing toys to me and we got lots of snuggles. I think she knew a change was coming. We would talk about baby Annalee and she is so excited to meet her sister. She also would put her feet up like Mama regularly, which made me laugh. :)

My last time to puke was at 37 1/2 weeks (don't think I'm going to forget that Annalee!) in my father in laws driveway while Bryan was picking up Abigail.  Hormones man!!! 

38 weeks came and I was so confident it was time. Nope! We rolled through the end of the year with no tax credit and now getting the privilege of meeting our decictibe twice :) thanks kid! I was at a 1, with "no medical need to induce" (be sure to read that in a snarky tone, because every time I said it... I was snarky!) Bryan made the comment at this appointment that it would only be 9 more weeks before I was ready. I hit him!

Except for the pregnant waddle that I had very well mastered by this time, I felt fine. Christmas break came to a close and Bryan and I decided I would head back to work. Just for that Monday, cause you know 39 weeks was Tuesday and surely the doctor would induce me. Nope!

I went back to work Monday and had a chance to see everyone which was nice. I started having some contractions that evening with some pattern of 6-8 and hour for 30-45 seconds at a time. Following the 5-1-1 rule, it wasn't hospital time yet, but surely it was close! 

The next morning, I woke up at around 6 to get ready to go to work. In 15 minutes I had 3 contractions that were stronger and lasting over a mintue. I just knew this was it! I called into work and layed back down to rest. I fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later not having a single contraction. They just completly stopped! I didn't have another one the rest of the day. Whoops.  At the doctors appointment that afternoon  I was a "tight 2," which I'm pretty sure was her nice was of saying like 1 1/2. We also scheduled an induction for Thursday Jan 12th which would put me at 40 weeks, 2 days.

I went back to work Wednesday and all of the students were shocked and excited to see me. They were so incredibly kind. I will always remember that. :) I will also remember the two different girls that had asked if I had had the baby yet. :/ 

I finished out the week and even made it through Monday at work. Gotta save those days!! :) but Bryan and I decided after Monday, I was done, why push it? I worked right up until my due date. 

Tuesday, January 10th had finally arrived! With everything as ready as it possibly could be, we headed to the doctor for my last appointment. I just knew she would send us to the hospital! Yet again, NOPE! She basically said "see ya on Thursday!" 

We left the doctors appointment and Bryan dragged a disappointed wife home. I didn't know what to do or say, it was hard for me to speak without complaining. I eventually just tried to be quiet so as to not bring others down. This was so hard! I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. 

Wednesday, Bryan went to work and Abigail and I had one more day to play. We didn't do anything special, but I tried to cherish each moment. I had 2 tiny contractions but nothing exciting to report. 

Grammy and Papa came around 8 and took Abigail with them because we were going to be induced at 5... well, kinda.  We were told to call at 5 to see what time to go to the hospital. Which brings me to writing this very blog. I slept like a baby last night and woke up to call in.  I was told they didn't have a room for me at the moment and to call back at 8 and now 11. 

So at this specific moment... we're just waiting. (Again). Annalee, feel free to come anytime! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall 2016 Projects

The Fall of 2016 started with a very large project for my sisters company.  I embroidered on 20 plush robes for a company event.  It proved to be well worth my time and energy, even though it was a little crazy.  I have these robes posted in my etsy shop as well, if you find you need one ;) 

The robes (along with some birthday $$) were used to upgrade to a larger machine.  It is beautiful and does awesome work.  I am still learning, but very proud of the things I can accomplish in my beautiful craft room because of it. 


For Halloween, I made Abigail's costume.  Can you guess what she was?

What if we show you the entire costume?

Get it? Paper, Scissors, Rock!

Once we finally made it to Christmas break, I got the chance to spend some time making projects for our family.  This year was strange because I made myself promise not to make gifts for everyone.  We went the boring "store bought" route, but hopefully everyone liked there gifts.

This gave me just enough time over the break to embroider the robe for the hospital.

And make Annalee a blanket.  Abigail loves hers, I hope Annalee comes to love hers in the same way. 

I also ordered dresses from Etsy (no, I didn't make these).  I did however, add their names. Annalee and Abilgail will leave the hospital in style--matching of course!


Over all a busy semester with not enough crafting, hopefully maternity leave will provide opportunities for more crafting... and even more snuggles!

Summer 2016 projects

I can't help it.  I just love making things... but I am clearly not the best at following through and posting pictures of my creations in a timely manner.  But hey, I did all of this during the summer (2016) while chasing an almost 2 year old and being sick as a dog pregnant!  

This was a sweet hand-me-down that was too cute not to use.  So i just made a patch to go over it. :)

Happy Anniversary Bryan. 


We came across this desk about a year ago and my sister-in-law encouraged us to re-do it.  Originally I didn't have a plan for the desk and was thinking we would sell it.  But as life has progressed it proved to become the perfect addition to our house as we prepare for the addition to our family. :)  

This desk was the perfect definition of "mid century modern' design.  It had several scratches around so it clearly needed to be re-done, but the original color was really nice.  It also had a nice large glass top.  As I started to thinking about what I wanted to do, I started pulling designs from different pinterest ideas which included painting the bottom and re-staining the top.  

The first step was sanding the top in the summer heat during nap time! This took a good bit more effort that I originally thought... no wonder I love chalk paint!  And thank goodness it was just the top!

For the drawers, I picked this beautiful blue. 

And the desk got an white overhaul. 

After this step we took a trip to the garage where I stained the top and forgot to take pictures.  That might be because this was the EASIEST thing I have ever done!  I might be a new fan of staining beautiful pieces. 

In trying to honor the Mid-Century Modern design, I decided I would add gold to the bottom of the legs to make them pop and then I wanted the handles to have the same gold to match.  I "should' have done this first... so then I had to get creative with the spray paint. 

The final product turned out amazing!  I am so excited with how beautiful this turned out to be. 

This was the beginning to an entire craft room overhaul!  What a beautiful place to start creating beautiful things! 

In preparation for Annalee coming, the room overhaul has proven to be effective!