Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kroger had a sale!

So what can I say?  I came across a sale today!  Apparently Thursday mornings is when Kroger puts out their "oops we have too much" stuff.  And when you have a deep freezer (thanks Mom and Dad!!) it is like hitting the jack-pot!

So just to brag... I wanted to share that I got:
a pack of 3 2-inch pork chops for $4
2 pork roast for around $3 each
a pack of ribs for $5
4 New York Strips for $4
a pot roast for $3
2 filets for $ 4
and some other kind of steak (shoulder maybe) for a little less than $4.
I broke down the packages into individual servings and they are now wrapped and labeled neatly in the freezer. :)
Oh, and the other exciting thing was they just loaded up the "Oops, we baked too much" bread section too.  So I got 5 loaves of French bread for $1 each.  We will use 2 of them tonight at a birthday party and the other 3 got thrown in the freezer.  I also got a loaf of artisan bread and a pack of 6 hoagies for about $1.50 each... those are wrapped in the freezer too...
So if you come over for dinner pretty soon... we have a smortgage  board of meats and breads... might not have anything else, but at least we have that! :)
I'm just saying that I am a super nerd and get really excited about silly things.  I know most people reading this will just laugh, but I thought I would share anyway! :)

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