Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 6 - Last day in the parks

Our last day was at Magic Kingdom again...  We got there in time to see the train roll into the station.  It was a neat opening show that really did build excitement. 

It amazed me that as soon as the show was over... people were pushing and rushing... the magic was gone. :/
Our first game was the Buzz Light Year game, where you were supposed to shoot the bad guys.  This was a picture of my score!  I'm just saying Bryan's score was like 1200, mine...999,999.  For real people!  Bryan thinks it was rigged.
We headed over to get in line at Space Mountian.  We got a fast pass and then got in line to enjoy the ride twice.  We ended up doing this ride 4 times during the trip.  It was a favorite. 

I asked the lady behind us to take a picture with the Space Mountain sign in the back ground.  She showed it to us... but you couldn't see the sign... so I got her to take it again. 

After this, we headed to a ride that I do remember from 1st grade, Tomorrowland Speedway.  The last time I rode this, I did so with Ashleigh Reuter (now Ashleigh Laschober).  We were probably 6 and 7.  It was a blast! 

Then we hit the tea cups.  I thought that we would have done this more than once, but we had so many other things we wanted to do. 

We had to head to lunch at the front of the park, so we hopped on the train to take us there.

We ate at Tony's Restaurant (Tony from Lady and the Tramp) and if you look close, you can see Mary Poppins over Bryan's right shoulder.  We were in the front corner of the restaurant at just the right time, we could see a parade while we ate.  That was neat.

After lunch, we headed back to Fantasyland to ride Dumbo.

We ran around, and the things we did are starting to blur together, but we got fast passes for Splash Mountain and then found a spot to see the afternoon parade.  We popped a squat in Frontierland and enjoyed a snack while we waited.


It was really neat, I am glad that we made time to watch it. 

We headed over to Adventureland and walked through the Swiss Family's tree house.  I thought it was AMAZING... that was one of my favorite movies growing up, it think Bryan could have take it or leave it...


Then the COOLEST part of the trip was this:  I got to see Shivani!  She was in the middle school girls small group that I lead when I was in high school.  Check out my post about seeing her.

The weather was cloudy most of the day.  It started raining in the afternoon, which messed up our fast passes. 

However, we went back to tomorrowland to hit up the Buzz Light Year ride again.

We also got to see Mickey!

The camera got stuck in the bag for the rest of the day, but we went back to Splash Mountain with a rained out fast pass, but we hit the ride as it was opening back up, so we rode it without the fast pass.  Then we rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again and went back to Splash Mountain.  That was the last ride for the evening, and I feel like it that was appropriate for our trip.  I would have bought the picture of us on the ride (like the one of my dad and me on it years ago) but their cameras weren't working. 
We were both so exhausted, that we decided to head back to the hotel before the show.  Both Thursday and Friday we got to see the fireworks from the bus.  It would have been nice to see it, but getting to rest was much better. 
This trip was so fantastic! 

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