Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kid moments at Disney

So at Disney World, there were kids everywhere!  There was ALOT of whining and pouting however, there were cute moments too.  It was precious to watch these little ones see the Magic of the rides and entertainment. 

There were a few moments that were too funny not to share:

1.  On the plane there was a family who had taken the time to make sure everyone had gone to the bathroom before take off.  The conversation went something like "Are you sure you don't have to go?  -No Mom!"  As soon as we started to up the runway, the little girl starts YELLING
"Mommy, I have to go it's an emergency!  It's an emergency!" 

2.  In line waiting for a ride there was a family of 3 little boys.  The youngest one kept following the mom around saying "Mommy, can you please TRY to pick me up?"  She would put her hands down and barely lift him off the ground, and then say "I can't do it."  The little boy followed with "Thank you for trying."

3.  Waiting out side the Ellen DeGenere's Energy's Adventure (which is a waste of time unless you need a nap) a little girl looks at her dad and says "Daddy, are we waiting in line or are we just standing here?"  I found that really funny!

4.  We were standing in line to order lunch one day and a  dad said to his daughter: "every time you say no, it raises my blood pressure."  The little girl just looked at him.

5.  When we were in line for splash mountain, a kid looks at his dad and says "Daddy, will you take me to Disney World now?"  --I'm thinking you can't get much more "Disney World" than Splash Mountain!

6.  There was a precious moment coming out of the Beauty and the Beast Musical at Hollywood Studios.  The little girl says to her mom, "Mommy, how did he change like that? It was magical!"  (two cast members held up a sheet and behind the man turned into the Beast.) 

Parenting tricks we learned at Disney:
- don't let your kids lick the decorative trumpet at the little mermaid show (I wanted to take a picture... But I thought that might get taken the wrong way...)
- the Hazzard's will not be going to Disney World if we have to take a stroller.  You must be old enough to walk for yourself and go to the bathroom by yourself. 
- when the kids get scared to go on a ride after you have waited an hour in line your correct response to them is "you can either walk or I will carry you and strap you in!"

By the end of the week, I decided that I wanted to go up to parents that had well behaved kids and asking them how they got that... but I never got brave enough to do it.  I guess we will just have to look to our families, and church for that guidance.  (much later.... not any time soon)


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