Friday, July 26, 2013

Jesus at Disney World

One thing that I thought about all week was Jesus and the people here.  There were SO many people and what they needed more than a fast pass was Jesus. 

A few weeks before our trip, I realized that Shivani was at Disney World for the summer.  Shivani was in a middle school small group that I lead when I was a junior and senior. That was such a neat and special group.  They help shaped the leadership that I learned.  I will always remember that group of girls.  :)  (and if your reading this other small group girls... I still facebook stalk you like crazy!  My mom gives me updates from church when she can and you are still on my prayer list.  I am proud of each and everyone one of you!)

At first, I thought Shivani was doing the summer internship like other people I knew had done.  It wasn't until we were at the parks earlier in the week and trying to schedule to see her that I realized she was on a mission trip.  On Friday of our trip, we got to see her.

She was working at a food stand on Main Street with a beautiful view of the castle.  Shivani was so excited to see us (as I was to see her!!) We only got to talk for a minute or two because I didn't want her to get in trouble, but I am so proud of her and she is doing such a neat thing!

Shivani is on a mission trip with CRU.  My understanding of her trip is that she will be at Disney for a total of 10 weeks (she is almost done) and will not only be serving the people at Disney, but she has been intentional with the relationships of her co-workers.  She has been loving on them to show what Jesus is really like.  Disney has workers from all over the world and Jesus loves each and every one of them.  I believe that Jesus is using Shivani in ways bigger than she can even imagine.  Did I say that I am proud of her?

You can read more about her trip and see how you can be praying for her on her blog:

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  1. Very cool! Miles and I met through CRU -- used to be called Campus Crusade for Christ.....