Sunday, November 29, 2015


Just in case you missed it, Bryan and I just got back from Cochabomba, Bolivia. It was such a neat opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus along side our team.

The goal of our trip was outlined by building things.  We worked with the missionaries with Fundacion Esperanza at their boys home.  

The organization is currently running 5 homes: a baby home, a girls home, a boys home (2 houses on that property) and a transition home.  We mainly focused our work at the boys home, but we spent some time at the girls home and baby house playing with the children there.  

 While at the boys house, we built boxes for the boys to use as personal storage under their beds. The boys were able to "help" build them, and then allowed to paint the tops for a personalized finish.

We also built a ga-ga ball pit for the boys to play in the yard.

On Saturday of the trip, we help the Missionaries with their outreach of baby washing.

Words cannot accurately express what a Joy it was to serve along side my husband and team.  I will post more soon about the trip.

Last Year's Stockings

With Christmas quickly approaching, I found some stockings that I embroidered on last year.  I didn't make the stockings, but I thought it would be fun to share the end results... a year later. 

Liz's wedding order

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to embroidery shirts for a friend's wedding.  My sister was the maid of honor and it was fun watching her and the bride prep for the wedding this past October.  I didn't want to post pictures until after the wedding, an then October-Thanksgiving have been a little hectic around here.  These pictures were taken quickly, and don't do the shirts justice. 

These were fun to get to make, and I think the bride loved them.  Here are two of her maids (One being a favorite of mine!)  :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A 12 Month Overview

So this is a post that I started about 13 months ago.  I realized when Abigail was a few days old that I was going to forget some of the special moments that were passing by so quickly.  I haven't made a baby book for Abigail, I am using this blog as a way to document her milestones instead.  Whenever we had something exciting happen or even just something new I would pull my phone and record it.

Abigail, this is for you baby girl.  You are dearly loved!

During Month One:
- I eat every 2-3 hours
- I didn't get a pacifier until the very end of the month!
- I have very baggy clothing, wearing size newborn
- I lose my headbands because they are too big
- Mama can't keep a sock on me to save her life!
- I had 2 sleepovers with Mama and Aunt Erin
- I started to pick my head up for a second or two
- I started being able to grip things with my little hands
- I got 4 manicures cause my nails grew so fast
- I started looking around to see things
- I wrapped Daddy tightly around my finger
- I went on my first shopping trip with baby Hannah
- I went to small group once
- I broke in the car seat by puking all over it

During Month two
- I got 4 nights of 5 hours of sleep
- I spent Halloween at the church's fall festival... I was Nemo
- I spent many days on the couch cuddling with Mama
- I am getting a stronger grip
- I do not like tummy time
- I love my play gym, it is fun to look at all the fish
- I am getting better at nursing 
- I am still wearing newborn clothes... But probably not for much longer 
- I spent some one on one time with Daddy
- I went to Ms. Lisa's for the first time
- 21 3/4 inches long, 8 lbs. 7 oz. at the end of the month (17th percentile height, 1st percentile weight... we have some work to do)

During Month Three
- I started sleep training.  First night and first day of naps went well.  I put herself to sleep each time.
- 1st weight check (week 9-11) gain 12.5 oz.
- I grabbed my feet for the first time
- I still hate tummy time
- I am starting to hold my head up on my own
- I took pictures with Santa 
- I took our first family photos with Aunt Jessica
- I have LOTS of Christmas outfits
- I spent thanksgiving at Grammy and Papa's
- I slept 7 1/2 hours one night
- I slept 3-4 the next
- I had first real blow out of diapers.
- My newborn cloths still fit, but starting to get snug
- Dad snuck a small bite of strawberry smoothie in. I'm not sure what I thought of it. Mama kind of freaked out!
- I took my picture in dad's Santa outfit for Grammy
- I did not like the one time when Mama ate broccoli
- I am really weird on the bottle. Sometimes drinking 2 oz, sometimes 5 1/2. Starting to nurse closer to 30 minutes instead of taking an entire hour 
- I am taking naps in my crib
- I love my swing. 
- Mama is taking lots of snuggles
- I took a trip up to Clear Falls
- I have started to blow bubbles/drool
- We started a family tradition, and slept under the Christmas tree
- I ended the month weighing 9 lbs 13.5 oz

During Month Four:
- I sat in the bumbo for the first time... Made it about a minute before screaming.
- I (finally)started wearing size one diapers 
- I went to the zoo lights with the Harris' and got home about midnight. Nursed and got ready for bed by 1:00 and Mama woke me up the next morning at 9:15
- I had a great 5 day Christmas extravaganza
- Daddy made me my bow board as part of my Christmas present.  I got TONS of presents from people that love me. 
- I nailed the Christmas Hazzard cousin picture!
- I met all of my living great grandparents
- My newborn clothes still fit, but it's tight over my big ol' head. 
- I am sleeping a steady 6-8 hours
- Mama went back to work with a few tears and lots of joy. I spent Monday and Tuesday with Dad and then Wednesday-Friday at Ms. Lisa's house. 
- The week Mom went back I started surprising them by waking up 6-8 times in the night just cause I needed my passie. Then I went back to sleep, it's hard being me. 
- I took the first picture of me holding my head up (looking at the camera) and not screaming my head off (don't worry that happened 2 seconds after the picture was taken) 
- I started using teethers. No teeth yet, but Mama thinks we're getting close 
- Daddy lowered the pack n play. I seem to be sleeping better at night because of it. 
- I accidentally rolled from tummy to back during tummy time.

During Month Five:
- I am loving time at Ms. Lisa's 
- I rolled over from tummy to back all by myself 
- I am waking up multiple times during the night needing my passie and then going right back to sleep... Mama and Daddy love this 
- I like to sit in the bumbo 
- I am starting to sit in the walker/jumper even though her feet barely touch the ground... short kid probs! 
- Mama got sick and couldn't hold me for 2 days 
- Memaw and pawpaw went on a cruise--without me!
- I still don't have any teeth, but lots of drool
- I am starting to "talk" to Mama and Daddy often 
- I am starting to try and hold the bottle myself 
- I went to the nursery for the first time, Mrs. Kelly was my bud!
- I will mumble for a second and then blow raspberries 
- Ms. Lisa got sick so Memaw came down to babysit me during the week.

During Month Six:
- I am becoming more talkative, lots of raspberries and cooing
- I am starting to get a little clingy
- I attempted first night in my room... I lasted until 11:00 that night. Still not sleeping through the night.
- I will roll from tummy to back--no more tummy time! (2 weeks)
- I stared sleeping unswaddled and tried the "cry yourself to sleep" method. It seems to be working!
- I started rolling from tummy to back to tummy.  Started skooting around on my mats and blankets
- I had my first fever... Connected to teething. 
- I got to drink out of moms water glass 
- I went to the rodeo
- I got my 6 month shots on my last day as a 5 month old

During Month Seven:
- I got to try rice cereal. (Not sure if I actually swallowed any of it)
- I started grunting when trying to pass gas/make a dirty diaper
- I can sit up on my own for a few seconds at a time
- I ate spinach as first food and I actually swallowed some of it :)
- I tried carrots and didn't like them, it took a while to enjoy them
- I pooped all over Mama, luckily Daddy was there to help! 
- I have started to reach for things 
- I am eating in my high chair
- I love to be held and I like to stand on my feet
- I have figured out how to put my passie back in my mouth... And out and in and out and in... All while screaming cause my passie is gone 
- I have slept a few nights in my crib, but Daddy didn't sleep well while I was in there.
- Mama played hooky from school one day and we went to the zoo as a family. It was a blast! I slept most of the time but I am told it was hot. 
- I ate squash and green beans too.
- Ms. Lisa had surgery and I spent a day with Nathan and Ms. Denise one day and Memaw came down to play with me that week too. 
--I love my jumper and piano

During Month Eight:
- I went to Hannah Harris' 1st birthday party, she twinkled like a star! 
- I grunt when I poop
- I still don't have any teeth visible, but my top gums feel like they are really close 
- I am not where you left me when you put me down 
- I started to babble "bababa"
- When I hear music I start rocking back and forth
- I am starting to master the army crawl. 
- I am still in size 2 diapers
- I FINALLY outgrew size 0-3 month cloths
- Mama has labeled, boxed, and pack all of the newborn and 0-3 clothes! That's a bunch!!
- I can wear 3 month onesies/clothes but the 3 month pj's are too small... In the feet! 
- I was dedicated at church, we had a big party at the house 
- I am eating new foods: zucchini, asparagus, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, spinach and banana, roasted zucchini, 
- I am loving the classics: spinach, squash, carrots, green beans
- I love Sophie and Ellie, my teethers
- I sleep in my crib through the night, if I wake up, I put myself back to sleep. 
- I recognize two words: Abigail and Paco. I will look at you when you say Abigail, and I will look for Paco when you say Paco
- I am working on signing "MORE", "EAT" and "FINISH" (all done)
- I went to the silent dinner at baybrook, I was the cutest signer there! 
- I can sit up on my own or play on my tummy/back, but I haven't figured out how sit up on my own or how to go from sitting to crawling.

During Month Nine::
- I have started waving at people. I will wave to someone across the room when they wave at me 
- I enjoyed Memorial Day with Mama and Daddy! 
- I am getting to where I am going faster  
- My favorite food is cauliflower (with a little salt) I'll eat that all day! 
- The new foods: apples, cauliflower, green peas, smashed banana 
- I don't like fruits
- My first tooth finally broke through! My bottom left front tooth
- I said my first word: "dada"
- I also say "ra-ra" (whoever that is) :)
- Mama brought out baby jail and finally baby proofed the house
- I survived my first tropical storm, Bill
- Mama finished school and I get to spend all my days with her. I miss ms. Lisa! 
- I like not only being read to, but my favorite book is "Where is the baby?" I like looking around the 3rd flap of the page to find them.

 During Month Ten:
- My new foods: red cabbage
- My favorite foods: cauliflower, sweet potato
- My gross food list: green peas 
- I am working on recognizing the words: dada (I can say this one too), mama, night-night, and no
- I love reading and signing books, I can turn the page myself! 
- I can't sign them yet, but I'm working on: MORE, WATER, MAMA, DADA, BOOK, SLEEP, AGAIN 
- I figured out how to drink from a sippy cup
- I am saying "dadada" "rararara" "papapapa" "fafafafa" "duckaduckaduckaducka" "oboyoboyboyoboy"
- I had an 8 day constipation run, ending in a tiny turd pellet before erupting in the car seat and all over my bitty baby! Whoops! 
- I had my first ear infection in my left ear.  Had to go to the doctor and get amoxicilion
- I went from crawling to sitting up
- I really enjoy throwing things on the ground and making Mama and Daddy pick them up.  I think they are tired of this new skill... but little do they know, it is just the beginning!

During Month Eleven:
- I signed MORE for the first time. :) 
- I love playing with my toys. 
- I enjoy standing by the couch
- I am supervising Mama and Daddy with their refinishing projects
- I officially have 6 teeth
- I went on my first plane ride--I was a champion flyer!
- I got my first bath in the big girl tub
- I got my first shower in the hotel shower... cause Mama didn't know what else to do.
- I ate store bought food, it was yummy.
- I clap my hands when you sing "If you're happy and you know it"
- I will talk to myself
- When I'm upset, I don't really want my passie to calm down.
- I sign MORE when I'm eating... I don't always want more, but I will clap when Mama say's "more"

During Month Twelve:
- I love to sign MORE
- I'm still army crawling all over, but I'll get up on my hands and knees to look around
- Daddy lowered my crib to the lowest setting
- I'm sitting up on my own
- I'm pulling up on things
- Mama started back to work, it was a great summer, but I love my Sessa
- I hiss at things when I'm having a good time. 
- I love to make different facial expressions 
- I will say dada, yaya, lacka-lacks-lacka, lalalala, dat (with pointing my finger) 
- I have recently discovered this thing called a ceiling. I'll point to it and say "dat"
- I am signing MORE, and working on DOWN, ALL DONE, WATER, EAT.
- I don't like getting my diaper changed
- I love to read, sign, and play.
- I like for Mama and Daddy to be close by.

What an amazing year!