Saturday, September 28, 2013

Start of the Max Phase

We have officially ended the cleanse!  Good Job Hazzards!  I am proud of us!

Bryan is continuing to be super supportive as I start the next 14 day section.  I can't help but laugh at my mindset.  I convinced my self that I could do anything for 10 days.  24 days seemed like too much to commit to.  What if I couldn't last 24 days, all of that $$ would be wasted.  10 days is better.  Then I got started... and realized that if I have gone this far... I should continue and not just give up.  Now, 3 days into the max phase, I am so glad I didn't.

I lost a total of 3.5 lbs during the cleanse phase.  Bryan lost 3 (I know...), so together we lost the weight of our dog... I just think that's funny.  :)   We started to eat right.  We started to ride our bikes together.  We went on 3 bike rides throughout the cleanse.  Overall, I would highly recommend the cleanse to others.  It does have to be done during a season of your life where you don't have to grab dinner on the go... you need to be able to plan out your meals.  It's not very easy to go out to eat with others.  You need to have time to go to the grocery store and buy the right kind of food to eat.  We ate at home for every meal during the cleanse phase.

As I started the max phase, I kept the same diet but had many more pills to take.  I was a little overwhelmed about what to take when but my adviser was very helpful.  I had the vanilla meal replacement shake mixed with water for breakfast.  It was... interesting.  I had been craving sweet things during the cleanse so that was nice to start with something sweet.  However, the texture was very similar to really pulpy orange juice.  I could take little sips, but not big gulps which meant it took a LONG time to drink.  I had my handy nuts as a snack--but for the most part, I wasn't very hungry all morning.

I had to take pills 30 minutes before eating lunch which is really awkward when you are a teacher.  Luckily, my student teacher can handle things while I step out to take all of the pills.  Then at lunch (more taco salad) I had even more pills.

For dinner I had a plan.  As a thank you to Bryan, I treated him to Chili's for dinner (he technically paid... I mean, hey!  I'm still the girl :)  )  But I did have a coupon for a free appetizer, so Bryan got to enjoy the new pretzel sticks and a hamburger!  I ordered the mango grilled chicken meal with the sauce on the side.  It had big chunks of salsa, mango and avocado on it... it was delicious!  I forgot to order the broccoli without the garlic butter sauce... so the one bite that I ate was delicious, but then I decided not too eat the rest.  I also had the side of black beans.  It was a yummy dinner and it was so nice not to have to do the dishes!

Weighing in that next morning, I lost 1.2 lbs from the first day.  Talk about exciting!!!  I do think that I would be successful loosing weight without the supplements, but I also think that it is helping me see the most results for my efforts.   I used some almond milk (because you can't have dairy) at the advice from some at school for the breakfast shake.  That helped a little bit.  I was able to drink it much faster.  Day 2 of the max phase (day 12 total) was similar to the first day... MANY pills.  I convinced Bryan to grab a Subway sandwich with me, and I just ate the veggie one.  I love the veggie sandwich from Subway anyway.  I was really wanting something to bite into so I took a Carb-Ease pill that helps your body digest carbs.  I hadn't had a carb yet for the day, so I felt like it was okay to eat one.  I did make a slight mistake and took that pill too early, (it is designed to take immediately before dinner) I took the pills and then went with Bryan to go get the sandwich and then bring it home (about 20 minutes) It ended up making me very nauseous.  I won't do that again!  As soon as I started to eat the sandwich, I began to feel better.  We ended the night riding our bikes one neighborhood over to see some friends garage sale that they are doing to raise money to adopt a little girl in China.  Half of the church was there helping, so we spent a good hour hanging out and then rode home.

I only have 12 more days to go!

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