Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1 of the Cleanse

So we hit the ground running Monday with the cleanse.  Let's just say that it has been interesting...

I started my morning with the Fiber Drink Mix.  The instructions say to mix it with 8 ounces.  My Adviser suggested maybe a little bit more if it started to thicken up on me.  So I put it in 12 oz.  WRONG!  On my first chug, I probably got about 6 oz down.  But I had to come up for air... big mistake!  I was completely grossed out and then had to continue.  On my second attempt, it got the best of me and I got sick all in the sink!  I'm not sure if any stayed down or not.


My first task at the cleanse and I have already failed.

I poured the rest out, brushed my teeth and grabbed my lunch to head out the door.  For breakfast, I had a Spark (yummy!) and then an apple and banana.  I was laughing at myself as I was praying on my way to work this morning.  I was talking to God about being a failure already and what the next 9 days were really going to look like.... and I was chomping down on my banana.  When I finished complaining about what I was going through, I realized that I ate the entire banana without complain or gagging once.  That is a BIG accomplishment for me because I HATE bananas!!  Maybe when you puke in the morning... anything tastes good!  Maybe I can do this??  God sure is funny that way. :)

I bought a package of almonds and a package of mixed nuts and mixed them together just to add variety.  I had my nuts for a snack and I was very proud that I had a small portion and was fine.

I was starving by lunch time but with school, I don't eat until 1:00 anyway... and I am starving everyday by then.  I ate my carrot, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers with my hummus and finished lunch with some berries, an apple and an orange.

When I got home Bryan told me about his day... he didn't make it as far as I did with the Fiber Drink.  We started making dinner and sat down to eat around 4:30... hey you eat fruit all day and then talk to me.  For dinner we had baked Tilapia topped with Rotel and then a Quinoa Mex Salad from Pintrest.  Surprisingly... both were delicious.  We decided that both things were something we could eat more of in our diet when we finish the cleanse.  To be honest, I am not sure if we were just hungry or if it was really good... but either way, we demolished those plates and will be having it again!

We went down for a belated birthday celebration in Texas City and had a watermelon snack.  Everyone else ate a cherry cobbler dish (that I love) and homemade ice cream.  I was not thinking the nicest things about them.  But our watermelon was delicious and we powered though.  I am so grateful for Bryan.  He have up his birthday ice cream for the cleanse and to support me.  I am impressed with our will power.

I'm not sure what the other days will entail, but day 1 is finished!


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  1. The fiber drink is awful! I think we just added 4 or so ounces, shook for just a few seconds, and chugged. I've heard you can also mix it with just a little juice.