Sunday, August 10, 2014

Painting the Nursery

So for those of you who have been over, you know we are a good deal past this, but here is the process of getting the nursery ready.

Towards the end of this spring, I looked at Bryan said something like "We're 23 weeks pregnant, Abigail will be here in 17 weeks!  That's crazy!"  We ate dinner and went on about our evening when I noticed Bryan had disappeared.  I went to find him in the room that was going to be the nursery taking down the two twin beds we had set up.  Over the next two or three days, he had completely torn down another room in the house to make room for the twin beds, cleaned 2 closets so we had room to store stuff and then take down and clear out the nursery.  This way we were ready for when we started to get stuff... aka a crib.  I was blown away as I sat on the loveseat with my feet up watching him work.  He started nesting... so I didn't have to!  When he was all finished the room looked like this:

Last year on our Disney vacation, we bought Thomas Kincaid Disney puzzles and have been putting them together to hang (one day) in the nursery.  Well, that time has come. 
Instead of painting all of the walls pink in the nursery, I came across this stencil and fell in love with the polka dots! (I already loved polka dots, but I knew this is what I wanted!)  It took us
(and by us... I mean me) a little while to get organized enough to order it, but eventually I did.
I got this crazy idea to make my crib bedding and ended up ordering fabric to make the sheets and skirt.  (See bedding post)   We had to wait for the fabric to come in and then we color matched the paint.  Talk about OCD...  Bryan was so patient and supportive!

Painting day finally arrived, and we finished everything in 2 afternoons.  I thought it would have taken forever and it became tedious, but it was totally worth it!  Bryan and I got started on the first day.  He would put the stencil up and paint, I would help get the stencil sticky and ready for the next round.  Once we got into our routine, I would touch up the circles that were already done.  (Each circle had to be touched up individually).  Originally, we wanted polka dots on the entire wall, floor to ceiling.  But we got stumped on how to go around the window ceil and started working around the top part of the window with the intent to figure that part out later.
Here is Day 1:


Around quitting time, we had invited Travis, Jessica, and Nathan over for dinner and to hang out.  I was really proud of all that we had done.  When we were showing it off to Jessica, I mentioned maybe not going all the way down to the floor.  Maybe we should stop at the chair rail. That idea really hit me and I started to think about it more and more.  When I was explaining it to Bryan later that night, I had the idea of painting under the window ceil pink  (let's face it, we had plenty of paint).  He loved the idea! 
My Mom came down the next day to help while Bryan was at work. We finished the polka dots and started painting the bottom pink. 

I LOVED how it turned out!  We only did the one wall and it is precious! 

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