Monday, February 11, 2013


After the deep cleaning, painting was on our to-do list.

We started off by priming the main parts of the house.  We primed the entryway, study, dinning room, living room, kitchen, breakfastroom and master bedroom and closet.  We used the scent blocking primer to help get rid of the curry smell.  This did a ton! 

We own a HUGE thanks to our small group.  One of our Tuesday Night Small Group time was spent priming the house.  It is amazing how much faster it goes with 8 sets of hands working instead of just 2.  We got pretty much everything but the master bedroom and closet primed that night.  It made moving in not seem nearly as scary. I meant to take pictures that night (my father-in-law even told me I should) and I forgot.  Everything you see above is from our small group! 
This was our hang out space for a while!  What a beautiful den!  It has come a long way!

Next, the painting began.  We had to choose a color... this was harder than it looked!
It took some convienceing and several trips to the store, but finally... we went with "Mineral Deposit"  and we LOVE it!


 We had many different people helping with this.  The pictures don't do everyone justice.  Marc and Lori, Mema and my family were big helps with this.  I don't think we would have had everything painted before move in day without them!  Thank goodness!  To be honest, it was really hard to be a work everyday when all I wanted to do was go to the house and get it ready!

The master bedroom might be my favorite!


You can see it comeing together in a later post! 

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