Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Hazzard's get a Home

Well, it's official.  The Hazzard's have a house!  I know I am a little late on getting this blog written (being that we have owned the house since mid Oct. and been living in it since the end of Oct....) but cut me some slack... I've had a few things to do. :)

We signed papers on Oct. 11th and the house became officially ours.  It is crazy how God works, He knew exactly which one we were supposed to get.  We have met some of the neighbors, and they seem really great.  Carl and Avis live next door, an older retired couple with a very cute Yorkie.  Avis made us cookies the week we signed the papers.  It's amazing, we have met more neighbors here in the first week we owned the house (we weren't even living here yet) than in the entire 15 months we lived in our apartment.  P.S. I would NOT recommend our apartment complex to anyone!

This whole process has been.... well... a process.  If you need a Realtor, please, please, please talk to me.  Our Realtor has been FANTASTIC, we couldn't ask for more.  Really, I mean... Bryan and I haven't had a clue the whole time, and she has been so patient and encouraging with us.  If you need Cindy Wingo's contact info... let me know! 

Okay, so maybe that was a plug for my Aunt, but still, she really was great! And we could not have done it without her!  Thanks Cindy!

I promise that I will get more pictures up soon!  And even some how-to blogs, but I don't have those pictures accessible yet.  Do you have any idea what it takes to find a camera, battery, charger and cords to a computer when everything is packed still?  I'll get to that later :)

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