Sunday, June 23, 2013

New embroidery success

Earlier in the week I bought a new feature for my embroidery skills. I was a rough start... But I think once I'm past this learning curve... I will be able to do some really cool things.

This was the start of my attempting the other day... and let's just say it didn't go so well.
After spending the mid-day with my mom for some mother/daughter time, I came home and hit the ground running again.  A friend in our small group wanted a bib for her son.  He was born in January and I didn't start making the bibs until Spring Break.... Sorry about that, Courtney.

I did think ahead to do a practice run.  I am sure that anyone who sews says to always do a practice project before you use the real material.  But honestly, who has time for that?  Why would I waste the cloth, thread and time to do a practice one... oh wait... so that you can make sure it works and not mess up your final project... go figure! I ended up having a few small problems with this design and had to go back and adjust the embroidery file... so in this case... the practice was helpful.  I reserve my right to not do practice projects in the future. :)

I followed this blog that was recommended from a friend with the steps on how to applique.  If you look closely, the design is fairly similar to hers.  It was good practice and hopefully now I can start branching out on my own... we'll see.

Sneak peak at the finished design.

Now all I had left was to put it together as a bib.  I hope Courtney likes it! :)

All Finished:

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