Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Bedroom # 2 is painted

So today,Wednesday, was my first day alone for summer;  the last day of work was last Friday, Graduation was Saturday, Church and graduation parties on Sunday, the hubby was off on Monday and we got the closet painted and yard done, and then Tuesday we went golfing and to Bible study.

All that to say.... today was my first day to do whatever I wanted.  :)

I started off trying to work on embroidery projects but got stuck and frustrated. It is unlike me to stop on a project mid-way just because I can't figure it out.  However, I have plenty of other things to do and I think the sewing machine and I needed a break. 

About 1:00 I started finishing the trim work and before I knew it, the room was done.  I had finished the trim work at the ceiling on Monday, but everything else was done today.

Paco was very helpful.  He guarded the paint all day.

This paint is the weirdest... it goes on and looks awful!  But when it dries, it is nice and smooth.  You do have to do a lot of touch up worth though :(

See, he was very helpful. 

Finished product. :)

Now be looking for the carp to be leaving and the beginning of the installation of our flooring!

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