Saturday, June 15, 2013

3 Ingredient Spinach Dip

3 Ingredient Spinach Dip?  YES PLEASE! 

This was super easy and another Pinterest recipe.  We were having some friends over for dinner and fish 'n chips were on the menu.  They were coming at 6:00, and around 5:15 I realized that we might need an appetizer too. I started searching Pinterst for a recipe with things that we had on hand.  After I found this cute puppy...

I came across this recipe and followed the directions :)  (sorry, I just had to through that out there... how cute!  Can't you see Paco in this?)

The recipe called for cottage cheese, ranch dressing mix, spinach and water chestnuts.  I left out water chestnuts... cause who really keeps that on hand and I was in a time crunch. 

Hand mix the cottage cheese to change the consistency to something smooth, then add the ranch dressing mix and spinach (I used the frozen bag of chopped spinach in my freezer, thawed and washed of course) and mixed it all together.  Super yummy, super easy, fairly healthily... I'd say this is a winner!

I served it with carrots, tomatoes and wheat thins.  I think it was good on all 3.

Sorry that I forgot to take a picture of the dip... when I make it again, I'll add a picture.  I served it Monday night and then snacked on it throughout the week and served it again on Thursday.  It saves well as long as you don't leave it out too long, and everyone gave it a thumbs up. 


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