Thursday, June 20, 2013

2nd guested in flooring

So after the closest and bedroom painting was finished, we started the flooring.  We have one more room to go :)

If you follow me on Instagram, then these are the same pictures. If not... Enjoy :) 

We started about 10:00.

At the end of hour 1:

End of hour 2:

End our hour 3, and lunch time :)

Starting back up:

End of hour 4

This is where it started to get tricky! Stupid door jams!

This is the end of hour 6 and the end of day 1-- hey we got a lot done in 6 hours and were pooped!
We started with this on day 2 and it took a while :(

We had to celebrate when finished because I honestly thought we might not...

This is the end of hour 8:

End of hour 9:

After lunch we started the quarter round (P.S-- I always call in crown molding... and it irritates Bryan) 

Now all we have left to do is caulk the quarter round and finish the threshold.  :)

The pictures make it look like I didn't do a lot... but I promise I was at least a little bit helpful!  Bryan was defiantly the man-power, but I did a lot of the "other stuff"  make sure the next piece was ready to go, help measure the cuts needed, make sure the pieces went together the way they were supposed to when Bryan drove them together etc.  

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