Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Furniture for Sale

God has put it on our hearts to prepare for a mission trip to Bolivia.  As we prepare ourselves spiritually and emotionally, He laid it on our heart to prepare financially as well. Right as school was letting out, God gave us an idea of refurbishing furniture to sell as a fundraiser.  Our garage is chalked full of furniture to be redone right now, and we have officially finished our first two pieces.

If you are in the Houston area and interested in one of our pieces, please let me know!  :) The turquoise piece sold in 45 minutes!

The first piece we did was a find from the Habitat Resell Store that opened recently.  We got to talking to the manager, Josh, who was beyond great.  We can't wait to show him pictures of our finished product.


The picture on the left is the before picture.  Talk about a different piece!  We removed the dated handles and patched the wholes so you could have a single knob (also save on $$ for hardware... hey the point is to make money on this thing, right?)  We also removed the decorative pieces on the sides and the broken (and ugly) trim on the bottom.  We replaced the broken trim with a floor board (from Habitat) and then sanded, patched holes, primed (3 coats) painted (2 coats) and topped with a polyurethane (2 coats).  Once all of that was done, we attached the hardware and staged for pictures.  

I just love how it turned out!  

 Our next piece will make someone a great entry table!

The legs were a little loose, so we tighten them up.  After a good sanding, we primed and painted this one as well.  It has a protective polyurethane coat for protection.  The official color of this piece is "Silvermist." 

I have been doing research on this thing called Chalk Paint that I would love to play with.  However, Bryan and I both felt like it was important to do these pieces as economical as possible (aka, we're cheap) because we didn't know if anyone would be interested in buying them and at what price.  The entire time, I have felt the Spirit speak peace into our lives as we have pursued these projects.  I know and trust that God will see Himself faithful.  So we have used supplies that we already had or things from Habitat for pennies on the dollar.  

This will be our first of several items.  I'd love your feedback and thoughts on how we can improve or other ideas you may have.  When we posted the first piece online last night, there was a HUGE response. :)  Several people have even mentioned bringing us pieces to refurbish for them.  At the moment we feel like we have plenty of pieces, but if we get them all done and are looking for more, we'd be happy to refinish something for you.  

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