Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pictures from month 10

Month 10 was a fun filled month!  I loved getting to be home with Abigail everyday.  I tried my hardest to "live in the moment" and cherish each day God gave us together.  There were many days of snuggles on the couch.... which might be why there aren't as many pictures as other months.  

Isn't she adorable?

She wakes up so happy in the mornings, and usually will play for about 20 minutes or so before she wants to get up.  She loves her bitty baby!

She was sitting on my lap while embroidering.  She is Mama's helper. 

I realized quickly after taking this picture that her bow was upside down.  I fixed it and then never took another picture. 

Cracker Barrel breakfast date:

If you haven't noticed the other posts recently, we have started re-finishing furniture as a fundraiser for a mission trip in the fall.  Abigail and Paco have been our supervisors when we're working.  They run a tight ship around here. 

She will sometimes watch TV through baby jail.  

Abigail came down with her first ear infection and cold.  She wasn't the most pleasant to be around.  I'm sure glad she's feeling better now.  

I got lots of extra snuggles when she had her ear infection.

Abigail got a new chair as part of all this furniture re-finishing business.  She loves sitting on it. 

We love to read.

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