Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Missions craft show

In early February, our church held a craft show to support missions.  This craft show spiraled into something so much more.  God works in such cool ways.

Bryan was very supportive of me taking the time to make some things for this craft show during the same time frame of us adjusting to me going back to work.  We wanted to support our friends that were going to Bolivia over spring break.  I had no idea how the show would go.  I didn't sell everything, but we made a little bit to help our friends.

Here are the things that I took (not necessarily what I sold... but what I prepped for.)

2 canvas crosses: These were left over from painting the crosses for Maggie.  These were what started the Etsy shop.  

2 wood signs:  I had every intention of making all of these different signs with wood and paint from our garage.  Time just didn't allow, so you got these two.  

3 coffee mugs: These coffee mugs were left over from our baby shower gifts.  Bryan thought of the center slogan, and I came up with the I heart Jesus a latte--I was really proud of that one. These all sold quickly and everyone seemed to love them.  

I also had watched a few youtube videos on hair bows, and felt like this was something I could do.  I grabbed the supplies at the store and made a variety of different bows.  These were the very beginning of making the bows. 

I also had 2 mickey hooded towels that I forgot to get pictures of, but that's okay because I left the show with two mickey towels.  I felt very accomplished after the show, and was very proud of what I had seen God do that day. 

Little did I know but as the semester proceeded, God laid it on Bryan and my heart to go to Bolivia and work in the same orphanage as well.  Bryan and I don't know all of the details of the trip yet, but we are excited and trusting that God does.  As I get more information, I will be sure to share it with you so that you can be praying in preparation with us. 

This summer, I have re-opened the Etsy shop, HazzardousHousewife, and will be fundraising through it.  Feel free to take a second and look through my listings and share my shop with anyone you think would enjoy it. Hopefully, I will be posting more listing soon. I would be happy to make any of these things above or on my shop.  Just let me know.

Bryan and I will also be refinishing/repurposing furniture and trying to sell.  Be keeping an eye out for that if you are local (Houston).  We have no idea if we will be able to sell any of these things, but we are trusting that God will be faithful as we are trying to follow His lead.  Our plan is to post the items here on the blog, on Facebook and on garage sale sites.  If you have any other suggestions, we'd love to hear them.  All of the profits from the furniture (along with the Etsy site) will help pay for our trip.     

There is a small team currently in route to Bolivia as I write this. You can follow how that trip is going on Ginny's blog, 4uruthie.

Thank you to all who read all the way through to the end of this post.  Have a great week!

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