Friday, July 24, 2015

More Finished Pieces

Here are two more pieces that we re-did this summer.  All profits from the furniture is helping to pay for a mission trip we are going on over Thanksgiving.  I created a Facebook page, HazzardousHousewife to post items to as well.  Feel free to go like and share!

The first one was a cute side table that we cleaned up, primed, painted and polyurethaned.

Abigail was so excited that we sold this piece in not time at all!  It was sold 7 minutes after posting! 

 This piece had a date on the bottom that read Nov. 22, 1957.  That's older than my dad! It was neat to know we brought this piece "back to life."

The before and after:

This next piece was all Bryan, and our biggest money maker so far! :) He was talking with my sister one day and she mentioned how this would be cool as a liquor cabinet.  He took that idea and ran with it!  I thought he was crazy and thought we should focus on other things first.... I mean look at it!

We spent MANY hours on this piece and kept saying to ourselves "We're almost done." Bryan sanded it down, primed and painted it. 

He built a custom wine wrack from pallet wood.  We painted the wine wrack and drawer gray to give it some pop.  We reused the hinges and door pull, and "sproosed" it up with a new draw pull. Once it all came together... it is something we are both really proud of!

I love the design of the top, it makes this piece unique. 

Talk about a transformation!

We still have the entry table for sale.  We're asking $150, but considering offers.  We will be posting to craigslist soon... so get it quick. :)

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