Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christy's shower

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a hostess for a bridal shower.  Christy, the beautiful bride, is getting married this fall and requested a "British Tea Party" for her shower.  Well, when you are planning a shower with fabulous people... you get a fabulous shower!  Christy, I hope it was everything you dreamed of and more importantly, I hope and pray your marriage is joyous and centered in Christ.  It was such a blast celebrating with you. 

The shower was held at my mom's house and the hostesses did a great job of using their talents.  It was such a great group to work with because we each brought such special skills to the table.  

Christy's guestbook was the white tea pot.  Everyone signed for a special keep sake. 

We had 2 tea bars.  This was the Iced Tea bar, including peach, strawberry hibiscus, regular, (I forgot the 4th), and cucumber-lemon-spearmint water.

We also had a hot tea bar featuring 3 different types of teas. 

The bride's new last name will be Salch.  So Erin thought of the adorable saying for over the dessert bar.  I was tasked with making this "Sweet and Salch-y" banner and others.  I love how it turned out, and now I'm ready for more!

I made a doily picture banner from engagement pictures. 

And my favorite:

We rearranged my mom's house and pulled out all of her antique furniture from the formal living room for the special occasion.  Christy, Erin, and I were not allowed to play on this furniture when we were little, so this was a big deal. :)

Here are all the hostesses in our British Tea hats. Abigail is wearing my hat from when I was little.  (She was so happy to be there)

We had to get our Weber/Feemster Girls picture -- hands on the hip and everything.

Happy wedding shower Christy.  You are dearly loved!

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