Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First projects for Abigail

***So I realize that it's October... but here is a post that I never got around to posting.***
This was the first thing that I made for Abigail.  It took a while for me to decide exactly what to do and what to use.  It might sound silly (okay, I know it sounds silly) but I felt a lot of pressure to pick the right thing as the "first" craft for her. 

Once that was done, I started a baby blanket.  I hadn't decided on a theme for our nursery yet, but I loved this fabric.  I monogramed both sides of the blanket, just because I could!  And then the ruffle was fun to add.  I used tutorials online, but went a little rouge on this project.  :)

Paco seemed to really like the blanket too.  I hope he knows it's not for him! :)

When we starting thinking out the nursery and planning what we wanted to do, I decided to make the bedding for the nursery myself.  I made the sheets and crib skirt.  The sheets were SUPER easy to make.  I followed this blog and couldn't write a better one for myself if I tried. I laid the mattress on top of the fabric and everything!

I found the design for the crib skirt on this blog and really liked how it was put together.  It was just enough of a tutorial to help me get the design, but it wasn't the easiest to follow.  (I really like the tutorials that have pictures and you don't have to read the instructions for EVERY single step).   It's hard to see in the picture, but there is actually a small triangle in the center of skirt that matches the sheets.  Because of the design of our crib, you can't really tell.  But I didn't know that ahead of time and it was good practice to expand my sewing skills. :) 

The skirt is attached with Velcro.  It doesn't waist material under the mattress and it technically only covers 3 of the 4 sides of the crib.  (Who needs to see the back anyway).  It should be super easy to remove when we lower the bed and all I will have to do is run a new hem at the bottom to make it the right height.  I figured I would cross that line when we get there.  No need to rush things! :)
I also have fabric to make a changing cover for the changing pad, a valance for the window, pillows for the chair and any other small little project I might think of. :)

 Here is the changing pad cover.  If only the dresser would come in so that I could finish setting up the nursery!

I had the chance to decorate these burp clothes.  The design was different than the other burp cloths that I have made.  I have to admit that I just love how they turned out! I might switch to designing burp clothes this way instead of the previous.  The turquoise Abigail was to practice when I added her name to the "Going Home" outfit.

My sister-in-law gave us this precious outfit for Abigail's coming home outfit.  Bryan had the idea that I add her name under the flower design.  I was just going to leave it as it was, but let's face it... anything personalized is always better!  Now to just put her in it!

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