Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diaper Stacker

Shortly after Abigail arrived I realized that having the diapers sit on the changing pad in our room was a waste of valuable space. I had planned on making a diapered stacker before she got here, but clearly that didn't happen. :)
I followed this blog as a tutorial/pattern for the diaper stacker.  It was fairly easy to make this project, however, it took forever to complete.  Abigail would only let me cut out a few of the pieces one day, the rest on a different day.  I had the chance to design the embroidery file one day, and embroider a few days later.  Get the picture?  It took a while... and that will take some getting used to. 
It will look so adorable in the nursery (but it will start out in our room while she's still in there).
If only the dresser would come in.  Burlington Coat Factory is stupid.  They have about a day and a half left before I write a ranting blog telling all of you how awful the experience was!

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