Monday, October 27, 2014

Cutest pictures from month 1

These were just too good not to share! I hope you enjoy.  :) 
At the doctors office for our check ups:

A day or two after we got home from the hospital, it's the first good family of 4 picture

First bath at home, Thanks Davis' for the flower bath pillow!

Getting ready to go to aunt Jessica's house:

Headed to mema's check up:

Papaw loves his Abigail!

2 am feeding is over, now it's time to go back to sleep!  I'm so grateful for Bryan and how involved he is. Hems a great night shift partner!

Aunt Erin is just as helpful too! She's come down to see me a lot (oh wait... She's not coming to see me!) 

First walk around the neighborhood. Taking in some sun shine! Mama, Daddy, Aunt Erin and Paco got to come too ;)

This might be one if my favorites.

When we were in the hospital, they sent a photographer to take Abigail's pictures.  She tried and tried, but couldn't get a good time to get with us, so this is the best she got in about 10 minutes with us.  Still precious though...

Early morning cuddles!
She loves her bouncer and swing.

Bed head is a real thing! 

This girl has some eyes!

Why hello there!  Is it time to eat?


Daddy takes care of things before heading to work! 

Touchdown Texans!  Too bad they are going to loose this game anyway...

Paco loves Abigail.  We take our naps very seriously in this house!  Someone should tell him the pillow isn't for him...
I think she was trying to solve a problem at this moment...

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