Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lessons learned on the cleanse

Lessons learned on the cleanse:

  • We like our dessert.
  • Big gulps when swallowing pills.
  • Eating healthy is not that hard.
  • We should try new things more often.
  • I couldn't have done this without Bryan's support.
  • There is more to life than food.
  • Stay off Pinterest when you can't have sweets or fatty foods.
  • Paco got jipped on his birthday cause we didn't even have cake.
  • We shouldn't agree to make brownies for a get together.  Do you know how hard it is to make brownies and not lick the spoon?
  • Maintaining this diet after all of this is over is not unrealistic--We can include many of the different recipes and habits in our life and slowing include things like milk and cheese. 
  • Almond Milk is gross to drink on it's own, but it makes protein shakes a little better.
  • My Cousin's are funny and like Almond Milk.
  • When you plan ahead and are prepared for your meals during the day, it is easy to stay on the diet.
  • When you plan ahead and are prepared for your meals, you don't spend all day day-dreaming about what you are going to eat.
  • I ate mindlessly before and didn't even realize it.  There were several times when I was "going through the motions" and then would get a plate full of food and realized I can't eat any of this.
  • We found that whole grain pasta is delicious. We thought it tasted just like regular pasta.  Brown rice isn't too bad, it's different than white, but still good.  Whole wheat bread/tortillas should be used to clean up oil spills in the gulf... That's about all they're good for!! 

My cousins sure did give me grief about not liking Almond Milk.  However, I have found that I can bake with it, and it is yummy!

Things like this turn out tasting just as yummy!

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