Saturday, May 18, 2013

Needing a baby gift?

If you are in the same stage of life that I am, you may have many baby showers to attend.  I will be going to my 4th baby shower today in 5 weeks (I'm not complaining in the slightest! I love all of these people and their new babies dearly!)

If you find yourself needing a personalized baby gift for a shower or just because, let me know!  I already have the bibs and burp cloths down and I am open to new ideas.  :)  I am planning on getting a new program this summer that should allow me to do some really cool things with my machine--I just have to learn how.  If you have a summer project you need done... let me know! 

I can do any combination of bib/burp cloth you would like, or we could discuss something else if you'd rather.

Depending on the design and materials needed for the bibs and burp cloths, we can come up with whatever set/style you would like. Starting prices will be $10 a bib, and $5 a burp cloth.  That's not too bad! 

I am thinking about starting an Etsy shop too.  I'll let you know when that is up and running.  It's kinda scary to put myself out there like this, that's why I'm startying with friends first.  Etsy can come later.  


I also could do some wash cloths or baby shoes. :)

Have a great day, love you guys!

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