Monday, May 27, 2013

Changing the Front Door Locks

So Bryan and I decided when we moved into the house that we wanted to change the door locks... just for good measures.  We promised that we would do that immediately, like in the first month of living at the house. 

This weekend we finally got around to it...  7 months after move in.  But hey, we got it done.

We bought the locks and new door handles at Lowe's in mid march and came home to get started only to find a problem.  It was 8:30 on a school night and we were stranded without a way to lock our door.  Luckily we were able to put the old deadbolt back on with the new handle (kinda on) and call it a night.

We had been waiting until Bryan and I both had a day off together so that we wouldn't be in a bind like before... and 2 months later we started again.

What are we doing again?

This is what my dinning room table looked like for around 2 months.

We got the handles and dead bolt off, but had to drill a hole in the back of the door.

So we called in reinforcements:

Finished door!  It looks so nice :)

Now the next project for the door... refinishing!  But I think I'll wait until it cools off to start that project. :)

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  1. “This weekend we finally got around to it.... 7 months after move in.” - I think it doesn't matter on how long it takes, the important thing is, you already changed it. Moving is an overwhelming task, and even if you have plans or list to do, it's still hard to cope up with the stress it has. It's been months, I hope you're all doing great. Rachelle Suezo @