Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2nd Half of Spring Break

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings were spent working on the flooring in our guest bedroom.  But the mornings were busy too!
Late in the week I was able to make some long over due baby shoes for some very sweet friends.  I'm sorry I couldn't have gotten it finished before Bryce got here (in January) but my machine was broken, and I didn't have a chance to figure out the problem before Spring Break.  Paco wanted to help me make the shoes...

I also figured out how to make cavas signs.  (Thanks again, Pintrest.) I made one for us, and also for my parents who were moving into their new home at the end of the week. 

I also made a really yummy casserole that my sister loved!  I wanted to bless my sweet parents and sister on their big day of moving in.  They signed the paperwork on Friday of that week and started the moving in process on Saturday.  I went out to help and ended up helping the most by dog sitting.  I took my parents a new piece of artwork, a new wreath for their front door and a casserole to stick in their new freezer that they could eat whenever they needed a meal. 

Bryan had to work that day so when Paco and I got there we were happy to see my sister's dog, Bella, but we also were excited to meet my parents new dog Beaux.  My parents signed the paperwork to buy a house in the morning and then took custady of a dog they adopted 3 weeks earlier.  The dogs were let out in the back yard... and within minutes they were COVERED with mud.  We didn't realize that the sprinklers had been left on the night before, and the back 4 ft all along the fence was left unsodded for my mom's flower beds.  They were COVERED!!!  When Paco was done playing out side, the white tip of his tale was no longer white, he was a black and brown dog--not black and white.   The afternoon wrapped up with me and the 3 dogs in my parents brand new shower getting a bath! 

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