Thursday, June 14, 2012

I made a skirt... too bad I don't think I can wash it!

So using a sheet that we don't need anymore, I made a maxi skirt for myself yesterday.  The blog that I followed promised it would only take about 3 hours.  3 hours my butt!  However, after a long and hard day, I can proudly say that I did finish it.  It was fairly easy, but it just took a long time.  It might have something to do with the fact that I don't really know what I am doing.... and I might not have all of the tools that would make it easier.  Lets just say only 1 cookie sheet was harmed in the making of this skirt.  :)  Thanks again to for the tutorial and idea.  The wash clothes were from the same place.

I am proud of myself.  I think it turned out kinda cool.  I was going to make a tutorial along the way, but it took so long... honestly I forgot about 4 steps.  So my tutorial would not be worth readying.  If I ever make another one, I will hem all of the ruffles.  The instructions didn't say to, so I didn't and now I'm looking at it... thinking about when I wash it, it will be shredded. Oh well.

Basically I made an A line skirt for underneath.  I was supposed to use another maxi skirt as a pattern, but I don't have one of those.  So I got creative and used a maxi dress with the top folded inward.  It kinda worked.  I think that might have been the beginning of my problems.

Overall, it was a good project. :)  Who knows what the next one will be??

So after I was done with my project, the tasking of cleaning up became too much....  My husband was too kind as not to complain about the mess.  Somehow my project had not only taken over the dinning room table, but the living room and our 2nd bedroom.  The only place you were safe was in our bedroom... and there is no TV in there...  boring!  For this project I used some old sheets that I had from pre-marrage.  I had use about half of the flat sheet on a project for Bryan and had the rest of the flat sheet and the fitted sheet to work with.  I got all but 1 ruffle out of the flat sheet, so I was kinda bumbed about having to cut the fitted sheet.  But today I realized that the fitted sheet had an elastic band around it (alot of it). 

I started to cut the outside of the sheet to see the same elastic that I just used on the skirt I just finished!  This elastic is much narrowor than the band I used on the skirt, but it could still be useful for something... right?  I felt like a serious crafter when I realized that the elastic had potential for something instead of it just being scraps. 

I started to cut out the elastic.  What do you know, my left hand is not used to being used so much, and now it hurts.   I guess that knocks me back down in the relm of crafting... not as serious as some others. 

Oops... I got the elastic. 

Ta-da! Lots of elastic.  Kinda cool. 

So I guess that even with my skirt finished, I can always find something else to do :)

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