Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blogging.... What's that?

Well here I am, starting my very own blog.  What a surprise, since I am not very good a writing (especially spelling).  But I figured, hey... within the last year,  I have started trying to cook, craft, and sew.  All of those are very domestic things to do, maybe I should start a blog too. 

I am not promising perfection here people.  In fact, I can guarantee the exact opposite of perfection.  But I do think I want a space where I can not only express my mind, (other than to Bryan, and believe me... he gets plenty of that)  but also document the special and funny things that happen in our lives.  We are constantly planning for the future right now... a new car... a house soon... eventually a baby... I don't want to get to those things and look back and think to myself, What did we do before all of this?  I want to be able to remember the good, bad and ugly along with the really, really funny things too. 

I know that God is preparing Bryan and I for a very special adventure, and heck... we're in one right now.  Without the Lord's help... we would be anywhere.  God has given both Bryan and I such a unique and special calling.  It is my prayer that we chase THAT dream, not the American one.  If I could express the Joy in my life right now, I couldn't say enough.   My great relationship with my husband is a reflection of the relationship that I get to have with my Savior.  I was bought with a price. I am loved and cherished.  It amazes me how much Bryan loves me, and yet what is crazy... is that Christ loves me even more. 

I considered starting this blog and then not sharing it with anyone, so the likelihood of someone I know and care about reading it would be very small.  However, I decided that maybe God can use this blog to do something He has had planned from the beginning of time.  Who am I to go against that?  I hope you enjoy reading this blog.  Much love!

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