Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Annalee's 4 Month

I returned to work this month and we as a family adjusted to a new normal.  Boy, was I grateful to see this little face when I got home that first day!  I am proud to say that I only shed 1 tear when I put her down that first morning because I knew I was headed to fulfill something God called me to do. 

Annalee is on the left and Abigail is on the right, both are about 16 weeks old here.  Can you tell they are related?

We made it through that first week.. and then it was Easter weekend.  Yay for 3 day weekends!

Bryan found this idea of making cresent roll "tombs" for Easter, so we had an object lesson that night.  It was precious hearing the two of them and Bryan sharing the Gospel with Abigail.  We kept talking about wrapping Jesus in white cloth and putting him in the tomb.  

Then 3 days later, He's alive!  We would ask Abigail where Jesus was and she would with sheer glee "Not in the tomb, He's ALIVE!!!!" 

So, I remembered to take a picture of one of their Easter baskets... whoops.  I might or might not have been embroidering Annalee's on Saturday. :) 

We got to take family pictures at church, and Abigail wasn't really having it.  We got LOTS of bloopers.  These were my favorite:

Bryan's cousin, Kyrie and Alan got married.  Nathan and Abigail enjoyed their small part. :) 

She makes the most funny faces. 

On a Monday night, we took a "field trip" to go make ice cream, and it was a hit. 

Our sweet and dear sitter came into some health issues 2 weeks after my leave was up.  This made for some trying times for both her family and mine.  I am happy to report she is doing well now, and I have seen God work in her life.  She is and always will be a dear friend and a part of our family.

We had to pull some strings/call in some favors/get creative with childcare for the rest of the school year. One day the girls went to play with their besties and they had a ball.  I am so grateful for friends that I consider family and how willing they are to love my children.  Abigail had a great time playing and I'm sure Annalee had fun too. ;) 

We went with Uncle Puffs and Nathan to party playland that weekend.  It was a blast. 

Abigail on the left, Annalee on the right. 

Again, around the same age--Abigail, then Annalee.

Again, I'm grateful for our Church family and their willingness to help.  The girls had a playdate with baby R at Kyle and Kacee's house.  They had a blast.

They were holding hands.  I pray they always have this sweet of friendship. 

Abigail was ready for water day at school!

This was Annalee's first trip to Home Depot with Daddy.  She liked it as much as I do. :)

What a whirl wind of a month!  I am thankful that summer is around the corner. 

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