Sunday, June 11, 2017

4 Month Pictures

Tomorrow, Annalee will turn 5 months old! (I can't believe it!)  So I figured that I should post these before tomorrow.  

She sure is a joy to be around.  She fills a hole I didn't even know we had in our family.  She also likes to do things her way and I can't help but smile as she it teaching me to go with the flow  (you'll understand better as you scroll through the pictures. ;) 

Sister wanted to play her part... Annalee went back and forth between being thrilled and annoyed. It was funny to watch.

Get that finger out of your mouth! 

We were doing alright until out of the blue she spit up and there was no going back!  

She was proud of herself... thanks kid! 

At this point I realized that we didn't have any pictures with the bear and maybe I should move the sticker and we try a different outfit.  That didn't work since the spit up disintegrated the sticker... you can watch the poor sticker digress.

I finally got my super smiley baby to smile!

Abigail soon found entertainment else ware. 

Frustrated and ready to throw in the towel I snapped these close-ups, and I'm so glad I did! These capture who Annalee really is as a 4 month old.  

I promised Abigail a turn, such sweet memories on the back patio in the middle of May with my girls. 

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