Sunday, October 16, 2016

Spring 2016 projects

So I realize that it is fall now... but I haven't done well with updating the blog because of... well life.  So here are finished projects from along the way.

This was for a friend who was working on a t-shirt quilt as a gift. 

My beautiful princess was the flower girl for my best friends wedding.  While her dress was beautiful, I would have done MANY things differently for it.  

Then, right before spring break... I started the BUNNIES!  This was round 2 of bunnies, but they were not all for me... don't worry.  My friend Kacee jumped on this band wagon too. I did however make a BUNCH of bunnies! 

This is a piece that we are really proud of.  It took a long time for us to finish, but we replaced the top, and then painted it this fun color for a customer.

This pretty much wraps up the spring as far as crafting goes.  It was a busy spring!  

But I guess the most important project I did was making this for my mom for Mother's Day: 

We found out in April that we are expecting Baby Salsa in January 2017! Chips (Abigail) is very excited! 

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