Monday, January 2, 2017


We came across this desk about a year ago and my sister-in-law encouraged us to re-do it.  Originally I didn't have a plan for the desk and was thinking we would sell it.  But as life has progressed it proved to become the perfect addition to our house as we prepare for the addition to our family. :)  

This desk was the perfect definition of "mid century modern' design.  It had several scratches around so it clearly needed to be re-done, but the original color was really nice.  It also had a nice large glass top.  As I started to thinking about what I wanted to do, I started pulling designs from different pinterest ideas which included painting the bottom and re-staining the top.  

The first step was sanding the top in the summer heat during nap time! This took a good bit more effort that I originally thought... no wonder I love chalk paint!  And thank goodness it was just the top!

For the drawers, I picked this beautiful blue. 

And the desk got an white overhaul. 

After this step we took a trip to the garage where I stained the top and forgot to take pictures.  That might be because this was the EASIEST thing I have ever done!  I might be a new fan of staining beautiful pieces. 

In trying to honor the Mid-Century Modern design, I decided I would add gold to the bottom of the legs to make them pop and then I wanted the handles to have the same gold to match.  I "should' have done this first... so then I had to get creative with the spray paint. 

The final product turned out amazing!  I am so excited with how beautiful this turned out to be. 

This was the beginning to an entire craft room overhaul!  What a beautiful place to start creating beautiful things! 

In preparation for Annalee coming, the room overhaul has proven to be effective! 

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