Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall 2016 Projects

The Fall of 2016 started with a very large project for my sisters company.  I embroidered on 20 plush robes for a company event.  It proved to be well worth my time and energy, even though it was a little crazy.  I have these robes posted in my etsy shop as well, if you find you need one ;) 

The robes (along with some birthday $$) were used to upgrade to a larger machine.  It is beautiful and does awesome work.  I am still learning, but very proud of the things I can accomplish in my beautiful craft room because of it. 


For Halloween, I made Abigail's costume.  Can you guess what she was?

What if we show you the entire costume?

Get it? Paper, Scissors, Rock!

Once we finally made it to Christmas break, I got the chance to spend some time making projects for our family.  This year was strange because I made myself promise not to make gifts for everyone.  We went the boring "store bought" route, but hopefully everyone liked there gifts.

This gave me just enough time over the break to embroider the robe for the hospital.

And make Annalee a blanket.  Abigail loves hers, I hope Annalee comes to love hers in the same way. 

I also ordered dresses from Etsy (no, I didn't make these).  I did however, add their names. Annalee and Abilgail will leave the hospital in style--matching of course!


Over all a busy semester with not enough crafting, hopefully maternity leave will provide opportunities for more crafting... and even more snuggles!

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