Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cricket Christmas

Now that Christmas 2015 is here... I can post all of the projects that I made for Christmas 2014 with my cricket.  Whoops!  Being off on maternity leave left extra play time (between naps and nursing) to make several Christmas presents. 

I am starting to get used to my cricket and really like what I came up with.  I had other people give me many of the ideas and I got to be the one to bring them to life. My husband was especially helpful. He went with me shopping at Home Depot, found the clearance paint ($.50 a color), found the boards I needed and then was the lucky one that got to cut them out. 

This was my favorite project of the season and the one I was the most nervous about.  Bryan really is the one that brought it to life.  He found these cabinet doors at the habitat for humanity store. And thought we could do something cool with them.  Later he asked if he cleaned up and patched one of the doors if I thought I could design something for his Mimi and Gramps.  The 5 great grandchildren's names are in gold  with Mimi and Gramps and the year in red. (sorry future great grandchildren).  Mimi's response was priceless when she opened it... There were tears involved.

My sister-in-law sent the idea for these.  I think I might put these on etsy... We'll see.

These blocks were a gift for my mom. 

Funny story here. The pink cup that I gave my sister as a hostess gift for my baby shower got left here for me to tweak. Well... Then Abigail was born. I got back in my craft room when she was a little over 2 months old. When I finally fixed the cup I gave it back to Erin but she accidentally left it at my house.  Bryan came home and found it at a 2 am feeding. I picked on him for using a pink cup with ELW on it. He committed on how it was actually a really nice cup. It has a nice straw. He used it again at the next 2 am feeding... And the next. Well, then my sister came to visit and asked about her cup and I told her it was dirty and that I'd wash it and get it back to her next time.  Next time came... and it was dirty again (you can see where this is going). Mid December I finally got Erin to take her cup home... Which included massive teasing of Bryan on both my sister's and my part. I knew then I wanted to give him the same cup in his stocking.  So I went to go get him the same cup... But the we're sold out. I found this one. This was my very last Christmas present to make... It might or might not have gotten done on the Dec 23rd.  Nothing like cutting it close! Bryan has used it almost everyday since and seems to really love it. 

The wonderful Ms. Lisa is Abigail's babysitter. We LOVE her and want her to know how special she and her family is to us. This was just a small token of our love.

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