Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Last Christmas I gave you my heart

Last Christmas Bryan surprised me with a camera.  Jessica came over and helped teach me how to use it.  We did a photo shoot (really Jessica did a photo shoot and I took some pictures on the side trying not to get in her way) and played with my new toy.  I have waited a whole year to share these, but look how precious Abigail was for her first Christmas.  I would apologize for the number of pictures... but I' not going to because a picture is worth a thousand words and I want to cherish the memory of her first Christmas.

The pictures get better as we go...

I love the ones with Paco.  He was smitten with her!

We sure have mastered this facial expression!

We sure did love playing with Aunt Jessica!

Bryan came home and enjoyed watching the shenanigans. 

How sweet are these!

This might be one of my favorites. 

Merry Christmas, Love Abigail.

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