Monday, August 11, 2014

Furniture in the Nursery

Bryan and I had found a crib set at Babies R Us that we fell in love with.  When we went to order... we found out it was back ordered by 52 cribs.  They were so back ordered, that they wouldn't even let us get on the waiting list to get on the back order list.  As crazy as it sounds, my heart was broken and I was emotionally attached to this crib set. There was something about it that I really liked.

But at my Mom's request, we kept looking and I came across this crib at Burlington Coat Factory.  I really liked that it had a drawer underneath and Bryan and I both loved the curve to it.  We both quickly forgot about the other crib set and started comparing everything to this one.  We knew it was the set for us.

My parents graciously gave us the nursery furniture as a baby gift.  And with lucky scheduling... they came down from Sugar Land and helped get it to the house.  (Random note** Cribs don't fit in Rouges).  We bought the bed and ordered the dresser.  When we got it home, it sat in the garage for a week or so until we were ready to set it up.

After painting, we were ready to put it together.  And by "we"  I mean Bryan put it together and I watched and took pictures.

We also ordered this recliner that came in shortly after getting the crib together.  Shout out to Mike and Jessica for helping us get it to the house. :)  It's sitting in the corner looking at the bed. It glides and reclines and is super comfy.  It's the perfect napping corner!

The dresser still hasn't come in yet, but it is on order.  Poor Burlington is going to be ready for this dresser to come in so I quit calling!

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