Saturday, June 7, 2014

Recent bibs

Right before Spring Break/during the break made quite a few bibs. Sorry it took me 3 months to post these, but hey... today's the first day of summer and I'm posting them, does that count?

Erin gave a bib set back in the fall to a coworker, and she absolutely loved it. She said my bib was the only one that worked. So the coworker ordered 5 new bibs. Here they are finished:

I spent a good bit of time in the fabric store for looking for these prints.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the options.  However, I am pleased with the outcomes.
I also recently came across this fabric pattern for little girls.  I have made 3 sets out of the  material because I just love it and I feel like the mom's (all personal friends) would love it too! 

I could kick myself because I forgot to take pictures of the 1st 2 bibs sets that I completed.

But I did get pictures of Hannah's set.  :)


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