Monday, June 9, 2014

Joys of the first Trimester

The joys of the first trimester.  Caution as you read, some of this stuff is gross!  Don't say I didn't warn you!

First off they should just name the first trimester the sleep-mester, cause that is all I wanted to do.  House work, cooking, laundry... not designed for the first trimester. 

Around week 8 or so I started getting sick.  The first time, Paco had eaten something and puked, just looking at it made me almost miss the bathroom. Don't worry, I got there in time.  Every 2-3 days after that I would get sick again.  I pretty much didn't feel well everyday.  It was worst in the evenings and the first 30 minutes in the morning which was a blessing (depending on if you are my student or husband).  The doctor put me on Zofran, and it did give relief but only temporarily. 

Bryan was so supportive though.  I'll never forget one evening early on (maybe week 10 or so) I was in my sewing room working on a small project when Bryan comes home and starts cooking dinner.  Later he comes and tells me that the meat was bad that he was cooking so he threw that out and had started again.  I had stayed in the sewing room working on that project to avoid smells as much as possible.  When that meal was done he came back and got me.  I asked for another minute to finish the task I was on and Bryan went back to the kitchen.  I finished 30 seconds later and walked around to the kitchen.  When I reached the end of the hallway the aroma hit me like a knives in my stomach.  I ran back to the bathroom and managed to lose everything I had eaten in the last year and a half.  (BTW, dry heaving is so much worse than just puking).  All that I could think about was that Bryan had cooked me TWO meals that night, and there was no way I could eat any of it.  Then I started to cry... and cry... and cry.  I couldn't stop.  I was balling on the floor of our bathroom without the ability to stop.  About 10 minutes later Bryan found me on the floor uncontrollably puking/dry-heaving/crying.  I could see the frustration in his eyes (he thought I was still sewing and just being rude) melt away and instantly compassion took over.  He held me until I stopped which took a while.  Then he fixed me grits and put me to bed. 

Speaking of bed... did I mention all I wanted to do was sleep?  My normal schedule turned into this.  I would wake up, go to work in the morning, come home around four and plop on the couch.  Around 6 Bryan would wake me to eat whatever he had cooked.  After dinner, I would lay back down and fall asleep.  Bryan would wake me again whenever he was going to sleep and I would crawl back into bed and repeat.  This went on for several weeks.  :/  Tuesdays were always interesting because of small group.  I made it to each one, but proudly claimed myself a comfortable seat and tried not to close my eyes...

I lost weight during this time.  Surprise!  All I could eat were starches.  I didn't really have any cravings, but had more aversions than anything else.  Basically meat repulsed me, and fruits and veggies hurt too much coming out.  That left the starches, fats, and sugars in the food supply and gallons of milk.  In the beginning, I ate a lot of grits.  If I never have to eat a cracker again, I think I could live with that.  Once I could handle a little bit more, pancakes were my favorite.

I know that the first trimester is supposed to be 13 weeks, but mine felt more like 20.  I felt and acted this way right up until 20 weeks.  I know that once the baby is here and I hold it in my arms--I will think differently, but right now... I'm not doing this again!

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