Sunday, October 7, 2012

"That should be your next post"

Boy, oh boy.  The Hazzard's life is incredibly busy.

In the next month, we will:
  • Buy a house
  • Move my parents from their house
  • Clean our house (there is a curry smell we have to get rid of)
  • Prime and Paint our house
  • Floor our house (Not sure on this one, it might get scratched)
  • Pack our apt.  (We officially have 9 boxes packed so far... that isn't much, but it's a start)
  • Move our stuff from the apt and from the in-laws house
  • Teach a high school small group on Sunday Nights
  • 2 Weddings
  • A bridal shower
  • A Fitting for a bridesmaid dress (did I mention Bryan and I are in one of those weddings?)  :)
  • Bachelorette and Bachelor parties
Oh, and I still have to teach, and Bryan is working 7 days a week right now... Busy?  Yes. Stressed? Yes.  Worried?  eehh...

A couple of nights ago in my quit time, I came across this:

   Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest.  He was faithful to the one who appointed him, just as Moses was faithful in all God’s house.  Jesus has been found worthy of greater honor than Moses, just as the builder of a house has greater honor than the house itself.  For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.  Moses was faithful as a servant in all God’s house,” bearing witness to what would be spoken by God in the future. But Christ is faithful as the Son over God’s house. And we are his house, if indeed we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope in which we glory.

When I stopped and realized what I had just read, I almost started to cry.  This was the first thing that I had opened up to and truthfully, it is what the small group will look at on Sunday.  I thought I was just getting ready for that.  Nope, I was in desperate need of this.  Bryan and I talked about this passage and his response was, "That sounds like your next blog post."

It is Bryan and my prayer that our house is not just another house in Suburbia.  We don't want to be 'just like everyone else'.  We want to be active and loving towards the Lord.  We want Him to be our first guest in our home, an honored guest, really not a guest at all--a resident.  We want to be apart of creating an environment in our neighborhood that is different from the rest.  We want Christ to be proud of us.  

Our prayer in house hunting is that Christ would go before us.  I had been feeling a lot of anxiety about where we would go, and what house we would buy.  I put a verse in my phone so that I could access it whenever I needed a reminder and comfort:

"But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard."  -- Isaiah 52:12

I was so nervous about rushing into something or pursuing the wrong thing.  I would just meditate on this verse, and invite Sweet Jesus to go before us and behind us.  Knowing and trusting Him was the only thing that I could focus on. 
Even now, knowing and trusting Him is the only thing I can focus on.  When I start to think about all the stuff that I have to do, that we have to do, I start to get a little dizzy.  But maybe God wants us to take this experience one day at a time.  Maybe he doesn't want us to have everything mapped out because He already does.  Do we have a lot to do?  Yes.  Is it done now? No.  Do I have all the answers? Heck no, but I can be faithful to the Lord and intentional about my time. 

Even though we are really nervous, stressed, and probably will not get enough sleep, we are really excited.  Lord, we're with you... bring it on! 

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